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Sunny Menozzi

A Farewell to The Grid, from Sunny Menozzi

by Sunny Menozzi

Throughout the past year, I have lived in Honolulu, Hawaii; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Astana, Kazakhstan; and Boston, Massachusetts, all at varying distances from my native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Writing for The G... Read article

The Role of Beauty in Infrastructure: Kazakhstan's Almaty Metro Inspires

by Sunny Menozzi

I recently rode the Almaty Metro, in Kazakhstan, at present a single-line subway that opened in 2011 after being under construction since the late days of the Soviet Union. Exiting at Almaly station, I was captivated by ... Read article

"Recent Waterscapes: Planning, Building, and Designing with Water" Book Review

by Sunny Menozzi

Recent Waterscapes: Planning, Building, and Designing with Water edited by Herbert Dreiseitl and Dieter Grau provides a comprehensive overview of innovative water-related projects throughout the world. The editors argue:... Read article

Homeowners' Associations: Friend or Foe of Aesthetic Diversity?

by Sunny Menozzi

While in Almaty, Kazakhstan, I observed apartment-dwellers' eclectic modifications to their balconies. As these extended from otherwise homogeneous Soviet-period apartments, I noted how this eccentricity contributed to t... Read article

Pockets, Promenades, and Pyramids: Park Design in Astana, Kazakhstan

by Sunny Menozzi

Three of Astana's parks form a linear greenway: Astana Park, the Esil River promenade, and the park of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. The uses of these parks are distinct functions of these parks' designs and fe... Read article

Dear, Old, Dilapidated Places: Communal Relics that Connect Citizens

by Sunny Menozzi

The din of construction equipment echoes from sunrise to sundown in Astana – the cityscape itself remains under construction; commercial, civic, and institutional projects abound. As this Kazakh city evolves, what role s... Read article

Cycle Planning in Astana, Kazakhstan: With A Little Help from the Dutch

by Sunny Menozzi

A cyclist biking in Astana, Kazakhstan The Dutch Embassy in Astana hosted “Dutch Week in Astana 2013” in mid-June. Through this annual event, the embassy aims to share Dutch culture with Astana's residents and to ra... Read article

Expo 2017: “Energy for the Future” to be Held in Astana, Kazakhstan

by Sunny Menozzi

Kazakhstan, a country with extensive oil and natural gas reserves, will hold an international exposition on sustainable energy in 2017. Expo 2017  - “Energy for the Future” is one of the international expositions regulat... Read article

The Legacy of Soviet Architects and Planners in Astana, Kazakhstan

by Sunny Menozzi

Though Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa designed and planned Astana, Soviet theories on architecture, planning, and urbanism continue to shape the city's built environment. A monumental, central axis and monolithic high... Read article

Is Astana, Kazakhstan Pedestrian Friendly?

by Sunny Menozzi

Pedestrian safety is one of the main determinants for walkabilty.Astana's government has incorporated pedestrian-friendly mechanisms into the city's transportation network. On Turan Avenue for example, with the push ... Read article

Shopping Malls as Primary Civic Spaces in Astana, Kazakhstan

by Sunny Menozzi

Shopaholics from afar will not be disappointed by the plethora of malls in Astana, Kazakhstan. Leisure-oriented venues – Mega, Asia Park, Keruen, Sary Arka, and, of course, Khan Shatyr – boast countless stores, numerous ... Read article

Will Daring Architecture Produce Monotony in Astana?

by Sunny Menozzi

Astana has a predilection for post-modern, avant-garde architecture. The construction of wildly creative, contemporary architecture in Dubai and Tokyo cemented these cities' reputations as modern urban centers. Likewise,... Read article

Streets on the Steppe

by Sunny Menozzi

From late May until early September, the weather warms and the light of the day seems endless in Astana (presently, the sun graces the sky until nearly 10 pm). During these halcyon months fishermen, swimmers, and boaters... Read article

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