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Steven Chang

Steven Chang: A Farewell and Thank You to The Grid

by Steven Chang

Six months ago I started writing for The Grid with the plan to sharpen my research, analysis, and communication of urban issues through regular, journalistic blog posts. That certainly did happen, but there was far more ... Read article

San Francisco Brings Good Luck and Cultural Awareness to Central Subway Project

by Steven Chang

To construct San Francisco’s Central Subway Project, TBMs, or tunnel boring machines, were brought into downtown to bore a 1.5-mile tunnel between SoMa and Chinatown. But before any boring began, the TBMs had to be named... Read article

SFPark Program Puts Parking Theory to the Test

by Steven Chang

What’s the longest it’s ever taken you to find parking in an urban environment like San Francisco? If you’ve ever driven in the city, you’re probably familiar with the frustrating (and dangerous) experience of circling c... Read article

Transbay Transit Center: San Francisco Builds a Visionary Transportation Hub

by Steven Chang

If you’ve ever taken Bay Area public transit, you’ll know that there are many options for traveling within and between cities. There are also many options for traveling to different parts of California from the Bay Area ... Read article

San Francisco Establishes Affordable Housing Fund

by Steven Chang

In November 2012, San Francisco voters passed Proposition C, establishing a city-wide affordable housing fund on the enormous margin of 31%.  And it couldn’t have come at a better time.In February 2012, Governor Brow... Read article

BART’s Oakland Airport Connector Finally Nears Completion

by Steven Chang

After nearly 40 years of discussion and planning, the connection between BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and the Oakland Airport is finally nearing completion. Like most transportation infrastructure projects (especiall... Read article

The San Francisco Bay Bridge Gets a New Look

by Steven Chang

In 1989, the Loma Prieta Earthquake shook the Bay Area at a 6.9 magnitude, breaking a segment of the East Bay Span of the Bay Bridge. Further analysis revealed extensive damage along the 75-year old bridge, and a reco... Read article

New Stadium Raises Questions for San Francisco's Waterfront

by Steven Chang

For San Franciscans, the imminent departure of the 49ers (a National Football League team founded in San Francisco in 1946) to Santa Clara, California this year is an enormous disappointment. In addition to enjoying a st... Read article

San Francisco Supervisor Wiener Tackles Environmental Laws, CEQA

by Steven Chang

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has been the subject of much debate among developers, architects, engineers, public agencies, and activist groups since it was passed back in 1970.CEQA does not set env... Read article

Economic Development, Place, and Identity: Apple Lands a "Spaceship" in the Heart of Silicon Valley

by Steven Chang

Anyone who has ever been to an Apple, Inc. store knows that the company’s branding and marketing go beyond its products - it spills into the company’s architecture. The glass façade and minimalist furniture prominently f... Read article

Energy Production & Safety: Explosions at the Richmond, California Chevron Refinery

by Steven Chang

Everyday, urban residents around the world use energy without giving much thought as to where it comes from, how it is produced, and how safe it is to produce it. But on January 31, 2013, a series of explosions at the ... Read article

HUB SoMa: A Place-Based Business Incubator in San Francisco, California

by Steven Chang

If you were a tiny, web-based start up in need of physical space and a support structure to nurture your business, what sort of things would you look for?Last year, for 6 months of 2012, I interned at the award-winni... Read article

Follow This: Twitter Brings Investors & Developers to Mid-Market San Francisco

by Steven Chang

After decades of disinvestment and decline, Mid-Market Street in downtown San Francisco seems to be finally headed toward revitalization. Plywood has come off vacant storefronts, sidewalks are filled with pedestrians hea... Read article

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