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Sophie Plottel

Shanghai’s Yongkang Lu: Gentrification and Tension

by Sophie Plottel

Strolling down a quaint street on a bright, spring afternoon, passing an international array of bakeries, small bars and cafes, you might think you had been transported to a quiet Parisian street. Instead, Yongkang Lu, l... Read article

Shanghai Metro: No Signs of Slowing Down

by Sophie Plottel

For a city whose population has almost doubled in the past 20 years, Shanghai’s transportation system is remarkably up to date. Shanghai boasts one of the most comprehensive and fastest growing metro systems in the wor... Read article

The Weight of Development: Could Shanghai Be Sinking?

by Sophie Plottel

Shanghai’s economy is rapidly growing, but the city itself may be sinking. Reports of cracks in the sidewalks and streets in recent years have left residents and city officials worried about the future of such a dense ci... Read article

One City, Nine Towns: Shanghai's Western Suburbs

by Sophie Plottel

Over a decade ago, as the population of Shanghai soared, density was at an all time high and Chinese urban planners, realizing the city’s growth was unsustainable, they proposed a new solution to the problem: decentraliz... Read article

Shanghai’s Jiashan Market: A Model for Community Based Development?

by Sophie Plottel

In a city of over 20 million people, with about 3500 people living in each square kilometre, finding a space that provides an intimate sense of community may seem next to impossible. Within this urban maze, however, exis... Read article

Dashed Dreams of an Eco-City: The Failure of Dongtan Eco-City on Chongming Island, China

by Sophie Plottel

What was supposed to have been a perfect model of eco-design has come up rather short as plans for Dongtan, an eco-city on Chongming Island, have since disappeared. Located just 25km from Shanghai, the sustainably design... Read article

Cycling in the City: A Bike-Friendly Future on the Way for Shanghai, China?

by Sophie Plottel

With pollution and traffic problems at all-time highs in Chinese cities, some are taking up cycling as a sustainable alternative. The burgeoning environmental movement, convenient urban transportation system, and the co... Read article

Creative Space in the City: Shanghai, China’s M50 Art District

by Sophie Plottel

In rapidly developing and changing cities, creative spaces are often given low priority compared with other more lucrative ventures. In Shanghai, the art district of M50 has become an international creative cluster ove... Read article

Waterfront Development in Shanghai: The Bund

by Sophie Plottel

For many urbanites, putting up with occasional construction is accepted as an unfortunate aspect of city living. In a rapidly developing city like Shanghai, however, it never stops. The construction of an ambitious r... Read article

Urban Farming Growing in Shanghai, China

by Sophie Plottel

After years of relentless growth, Shanghai, China is entering a new phase of environmentally sustainable development. Issues such as urban farming have become hot topics of discussion. Ever-increasing urban density, comp... Read article

Up and Down in Hong Kong: The Mid-Levels Escalator Systems

by Sophie Plottel

With increasing urban density, cities are being forced to find sustainable alternative solutions to problems of transportation in urban centers. In cities like Hong Kong, where urban density remains a major issue, ... Read article

Preserving History in Shanghai's Former French Concession

by Sophie Plottel

In the middle of one of the busiest and fastest growing cities, lies Shanghai’s former French Concession. With tree-lined avenues, small cafes, boutique shops, parks, and quiet residential streets, the area is ma... Read article

Development and Displacement in Shanghai’s Xintiandi District

by Sophie Plottel

Xintiandi was once a quiet residential neighbourhood located in a rapidly developing inner city district in Shanghai, China. Between 1999 and 2001, however, the area underwent a massive redevelopment project. It involved... Read article

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