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Sophia Huynh

Los Angeles Blogger Sophia Huynh Says Farewell to The Global Grid

by Sophia Huynh

When I first applied to be a blogger for The Global Grid, I was a civil engineering student looking to learn more about the field outside of a university lecture hall. Growing up in the Los Angeles, I knew L.A. was a... Read article

Residents Fight to Save Los Angeles’ Wyvernwood Apartments from Demolition

by Sophia Huynh

When Los Angeles city officials announced a plan to demolish and redevelop the historic Wyvernwood Apartments of Boyle Heights into a space featuring a mixture of homes, stores, and offices in 2007, a debate was spar... Read article

Wildlife Crossing In Santa Monica Mountains To Connect Habitats Across 101 Freeway

by Sophia Huynh

Residents of Los Angeles would definitely consider their city an urban area. As L.A. becomes increasingly more urban in character, wildlife residing in the Santa Monica Mountains are put at risk due to habitat fragme... Read article

Los Angeles Ports Face Large Infrastructural Challenges to Keep Up with Rise of a New Age of Megaships

by Sophia Huynh

At the Port of Los Angeles, a new age has started with the arrival of the mega-ship CMA-CGM Benjamin Franklin. The mega-ship breaks the record of being the largest container ship to dock at the Port of Los Angeles. A... Read article

Malibu, California Bans Harmful Pesticides After City Council Finds Catastrophic Impact on Wildlife

by Sophia Huynh

While pesticides are known for effectively and quickly removing unwanted pests, they can also contain substances that are harmful to both wildlife and the environment. Sparked by the death of a young mountain lion in... Read article

Downtown Los Angeles Experiences a Boom in Shipping Cargo Container Architecture

by Sophia Huynh

Since residents of Los Angeles understand that environmental issues and sustainability are important, there is always a search for building materials that are more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The latest... Read article

Popular Bicycle-Friendly Cafe is Expanding Along the Los Angeles River

by Sophia Huynh

Since the establishment of the bicycle program within the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Los Angeles is making an effort to expand bicycle use across the city and allow for its roads to become more bicycle... Read article

Los Angeles Property Owners and Tenants Split Costs for Retrofitting Outdated Buildings

by Sophia Huynh

The city of Los Angeles, located nearby the San Andreas fault, is currently susceptible to the “big one;” the hypothetical earthquake that is expected to strike at any time. The eruption of the San Andreas fault is p... Read article

Downtown Los Angeles Expands Parking-Protected Bicycle Lanes & Bike Share

by Sophia Huynh

Any Los Angeles resident knows that trying to get somewhere by car can be a difficult task due to the high amounts of traffic on the surface streets of LA. To minimize the challenge of driving somewhere, Los Angeles ... Read article

First Parklet Opens, Making Way for Green Spaces on Los Angeles' Hope Street

by Sophia Huynh

In recent years, the City of Los Angeles has been working towards becoming a more sustainable city. One particular street in downtown Los Angeles is about to adopt this mentality, being transformed into a sustainable... Read article

LADWP Under Federal Security Investigation After Electrical Grid Found Vulnerable

by Sophia Huynh

The power grid is constantly providing electric power to millions of suburban homes and businesses everywhere in Los Angeles. Many residents take this for granted though, remaining completely unaware of it until a bl... Read article

Los Angeles Unveils Smart Benches & Bus Shelters To Improve Public Transit Experiences

by Sophia Huynh

In the city of Los Angeles, public transit is an increasingly common method of transportation because of its great benefits, with approximately 1.36 million people using some sort of public transportation per year. B... Read article

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