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Sarah Essbai

Foreign Investment & Gentrification Offer New Residents for Morocco’s Medinas

by Sarah Essbai

Gentrification has become increasingly prevalent in most major metropolitan areas across the globe and affects mainly old and historic urban zones. In Morocco, gentrification can be observed in the historic centers (like... Read article

Revitalization of the Fez River: A Reclaimed Public Space

by Sarah Essbai

Founded in 789, Fez is the third largest city of Morocco. Its historic center, the Medina, is a unique urban structure that features passive architecture, unique urban landscapes, and one of the biggest pedestrian networ... Read article

Cardinal Greenways: Biking on Muncie’s Rail-Trails

by Sarah Essbai

Biking has been mainly promoted in the past ten years as a healthy transportation alternative in major American metropolitan cities. In smaller communities though, biking remains mainly recreational. In addition to the h... Read article

Student-Oriented Developments on the Rise in Muncie

by Sarah Essbai

Every fall Muncie, Indiana grows its population by almost 30%. This addition represents the 20,000 students enrolled at Ball State University in Muncie, many of whom close new housing contracts or renew old ones on- and ... Read article

The Infamity of Muncie, America's Forgotten Middletown

by Sarah Essbai

In 1924, Muncie, a small city 60 miles north-east of Indianapolis in Indiana, was the subject of a socio-economic research conducted by Robert and Helen Lynd. In 1929, the Lynd’s published the results of their study in “... Read article

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