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Patricia Kent

Yesilist: The Greenopia of Turkey

by Patricia Kent

An internet search for “green living” in Turkey does not yield very many results. While environmental problems have been developing throughout history, the emergence of an environmental consciousness doesn’t happen overn... Read article

City of Los Angeles, California Files Lawsuit for Ownership of Mammoth Creek

by Patricia Kent

Water is an important resource and all too often it is taken for granted. We all expect water to be there when we need to do the dishes, take a shower, or rinse our food. While a renewable resource, only 3% of the worl... Read article

The How-To's of Building Your Email Marketing Contact List

by Patricia Kent

Email marketing campaigns allow small-to-medium sized architecture, engineering, and urban planning firms reach larger audiences for a fraction of what traditional direct mail marketing cost. Imagine informing thousands ... Read article

You Get What You Pay For: Pricing Among Custom Static and Interactive Banner Advertisements

by Patricia Kent

According to the Webby Awards, “It's never easy to stand out in a crowd, but successful Interactive Advertising does just that.” Utilizing fully engaging, rich media experiences instead of static banners is what will mak... Read article

Search & Rescue Facility Bonds Village in the Trees and Provides Added Security, Mammoth Lakes, CA

by Patricia Kent

When you live at 7,880 feet (2,402 meters) above sea level and your community hosts 1.3 million visitors in the winter and 1.5 million in the summer, it’s important to know that you and your visitors are safe. T... Read article

What’s the EPA Have to Say About Smart Growth?: Report from Mammoth Lakes, CA

by Patricia Kent

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defined the 10 principals of the concept of Smart Growth in response to the development paradigm - “bigger is better.” While growth is important for communities, if not carefull... Read article

5 Tips to Designing an Appealing Banner Advertisement

by Patricia Kent

An ad banner advertisement is a form of advertising on the Internet, typically composed of an image that is linked to your company’s website. Banners are a unique form of advertising in which a company usually pays ... Read article

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in Mammoth Lakes, California

by Patricia Kent

"Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design," or LEED, is an obvious standard in environmental design and Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, CA strives to maintain its natural resources while attempting to accom... Read article

Geothermal Energy Development in Mammoth Lakes, California

by Patricia Kent

Geothermal energy is making the news around the world as the most reliable source of renewable energy. Geothermal energy comes from heat in the Earth’s core which was generated when the  planet was formed as well as from... Read article

The Whitmore Track Project: Attracting Athletes to High Altitudes in Mammoth Lakes, Califonia

by Patricia Kent

How can a world-renowned ski resort town attract world-class athletes in the summer time? The answer is a top-notch sports field facility. For Mammoth Lakes, California this project is called The Whitmore Park Track an... Read article

Environmental Design: A Look At The Swall Institute in Mammoth Lakes, California

by Patricia Kent

Looking for an environmentally friendly, quiet, workspace surrounded by the serenity of nature? The Swall Institute is your answer. A small residence designed for flexible use, located outside of Mammoth Lakes, Califor... Read article

Alternative Modes: Public Transportation, Walkability, and Skiability

by Patricia Kent

The discussion of alternative modes of transportation has pervaded comprehensive planning as we strive to create more sustainable communities. Bikeable, walkable communities, improve health, increase civic participatio... Read article

Sustainable Tourism: How to Mitigate the Effects of Tourist Populations in Resort Communities

by Patricia Kent

Sustainable tourism may seem like an oxymoron. Historically, tourism has resulted in environmental and cultural degradation across the globe. While a diversified economy remains optimal, many places depend heavily on tou... Read article

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