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Olivia Dolan

Farewell to The Grid from Olivia Dolan in Cork City, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

I've been in Cork since 2012. In that time, I've had the opportunity to both study and work here and it has opened a lot of opportunities for me. My main interests lie in up-cycling and small start-up businesses and ... Read article

The Economic Downturn & Increased Popularity of Up-cycling in Cork City, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

Between 1993 and 2007, the Irish Economy (once known as the Celtic Tiger) was very strong and prosperous. Today, however, we are experiencing a great recession following an economic crisis in 2008, when Ireland's pro... Read article

The Franciscan Well Brewery and Home-Brewed Beers in Cork City, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

With the economic downturn in Ireland there has been an increase in the popularity of home-brewing. Across Cork City numerous home-brewers have popped up, both on a commercial and personal basis, because it's a cheap... Read article

The Boomerang Bring Back and Mattress Recycling Program of Cork City, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

The Boomerang Bring Back and Re-Use Project was set-up in January 2014 with initial support from the EPA and the Cork City Council. The key objective was to provide employment and training opportunities for the long-term... Read article

Bike Infrastructure Before Bicyclist Demand: A Cork City, Ireland Perspective

by Olivia Dolan

Cork City, Ireland is a relatively compact city with most of the suburban areas within five kilometers from the city center. Based on an average cycle time of twelve kilometers per hour, the majority of the city is withi... Read article

The Revitilization of Fitzgerald Park in Cork, Ireland & The Value of Open Space

by Olivia Dolan

"There has been mixed opinions about greening buildings here and the support is very different to that in the UK" says Bernie Connolly, Boomerang Mattress Scheme Co-ordinator, "even though these are very valuable in ... Read article

30 Km/h Pedestrian Zones Implemented in Cork City, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

In 2008, forty-nine pedestrians were killed and 1,124 injured on Ireland’s roads. That's 18% of all fatalities and 12% of all casualties from road collisions in the country.In Cork City, Ireland, several million Euro... Read article

Dzogchen Beara: A Buddhist Experience to Remember in Cork, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

The Beara peninsula, in south-west Cork, is described as "barren and remote and seems to have an energy all of its own" by the old Rough Guide, Ireland and is "bounding in great ribs of rock thirty miles out into the oce... Read article

Food Waste Regulations in Cork, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

In December 2009, the Minister for the Environment signed the Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations 2009 (S.I. No 508 of 2009). These regulations were enforced July 1, 2010 and required all major sources of food wast... Read article

The Jameson Experience: The Jameson Whiskey Museum of Midleton, Cork

by Olivia Dolan

The Jameson experience was a very informative tour about Irish whiskey and the founder of Jameson. The building was first the site of an old distillery, founded by the Murphy brothers (of Murphy’s stout), and later becam... Read article

Mammuko Provides The Astrid an Upcycled Second Life: Kinsale, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

Kinsale is a picturesque, popular and historic town on the southwest coast of Ireland. It is a port town and holds a very large harbor for boats and tall ships. In June 2013, the Astrid, a tall ship from the Netherlands,... Read article

Up-Cycled Art in Public Spaces: Cork City, Ireland

by Olivia Dolan

Up-cycling is the process of turning waste material or old products into new materials and products of better quality or for better environmental value. In these recessionary times, there has never been greater appeal to... Read article

Cork City, Ireland's English Market Stands the Test of Time

by Olivia Dolan

Prior to the English Market’s construction there were several informal places for trading food around Cork City, but there was little regulation. Thus it was thought that a centrally located, regularly-held market best s... Read article

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