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Nora Lamm

Portuguese Translator Nora Lamm Says Farewell to The Grid

by Nora Lamm

The past 6 months as a Portuguese translator and content creator for The Grid has been a wonderful and enriching experience. I loved the opportunity to research articles from Brazil at a time when so much innovation,... Read article

Dedicated Funding for Bike Infrastructure Withdrawn in Porto Alegre, Brazil

by Nora Lamm

The creation of the Municipal Fund to Support the Implementation of the Cicloviário System (FMASC) has been discussed since April, when the City Council of Porto Alegre presented two bills related to the topic. The s... Read article

With the Highest Incidence of Lightning in the World, Brazil Plans for Resiliency

by Nora Lamm

At the Amazonian Nokia Foundation II Science Fair (FCA), students presented the unprecedented "electronic device suppressor effect," which successfully protects electronic equipment from damaging urban lightning stor... Read article

Motorcycle Taxis and Buses Duke it out in Rio de Janiero's Rochinha Favela

by Nora Lamm

Only three bus lines (537, 538, 539) serve the residents of Rocinha, in Rio's South Zone, one of the largest favelas in Latin America. While the IBGE says the favela had 70,000 inhabitants in the 2010 census, the residen... Read article

Southern Brazilian City Canoas Builds Aeromóvel

by Nora Lamm

After the inauguration of the first aeromóvel (elevated train) in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2013, Canoas is the first city to count the vehicle as an alternative form of public transport. Earlier this month, the city o... Read article

Technology Giants Google and Microsoft Invest in Rio de Janeiro Favela Mapping

by Nora Lamm

Technology giants have finally realized the existing market in the steep alleys where cars barely pass, and where electric power, water, sewage pipes, even cable TV, arrives by spontaneous generation - through the cr... Read article

The Minhocão Highway Demolision and the Parks of São Paulo, Brazil

by Nora Lamm

Since the approval of the new Urban Master Plan, the debates on the future of Minhocão Highway of Sao Paulo, Brazil have intensified. That's because the plan provides "a gradual restriction of motorized individual tr... Read article

Traffic Fatalities Kill More than Disease in Brazil

by Nora Lamm

If you are afraid of being killed by a thug on the street, do not worry. Well, not quite. Data shows that it is more likely to die in traffic accidents than by murder or cancer in Brazil. Traffic fatalities are an epidem... Read article

São Paulo, Brazil Street Markets Celebrate 100 Years

by Nora Lamm

On August 25th, 2014 we celebrated 100 years of the formal existence of street markets in São Paulo, a true cultural heritage of the city. The date refers to the first regulation of this activity in the capital, Act ... Read article

Activists Fight to Preserve Historic São Félix Railway Station in Bahia, Brazil

by Nora Lamm

Considered to be the main cultural and historical heritage building in the Reconcavo of Bahia, the São Félix, a former railway station, is now in an advanced state of deterioration and has been abandoned by the governmen... Read article

Florianópolis, Brazil Signs Agreement to Improve Urban Mobility

by Nora Lamm

The Municipality of Florianópolis and EMBARQ Brazil signed an agreement of technical, financial, economic, social and environmental cooperation on the afternoon of Thursday, September 25th. The act was formalized between... Read article

Park Director Says Main Source of Brazil's São Francisco River Is Dry

by Nora Lamm

The São Francisco basin covers five states in Brazil and experts say the biodiversity of the region is under threat. The director of the Serra da Canastra National Park, Arthur Luiz Castanheira, said in an interview w... Read article

Water Outages and Rationing in São Paulo, Brazil Launch Protests

by Nora Lamm

The Movement of Landless Workers (MTST) has been protesting since the afternoon of Thursday [September 25th] outside the headquarters of the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (SABESP) in Pinheiros, west ... Read article

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