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Nick Danty

Farewell to The Grid, From Nick Danty

by Nick Danty

It’s hard to believe that six months have gone by since I was hired here at The Grid. At the time of my interview in June 2013, I was working as a limited-term employee at the Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCP... Read article

Amy Cortese Discusses Hometown Economics In "Locavesting"

by Nick Danty

Amy Cortese’s Locavesting: The Revolution In Local Investing And How To Profit From It is a must-have for anyone interested in small-business financing, economics, or community development. The purpose of the book is to ... Read article

The In's And Out's Of Benziger's Biodynamic Winery

by Nick Danty

The property now encompassing the Benziger Family Winery was once the site of an outrageous experiment to create a cabernet-infused marijuana strain called “Sonoma Coma.”  Although the pot production ceased once the prop... Read article

State Transportation Grant Bolsters Long-Awaited Sonoma Valley Bike Trail

by Nick Danty

How incredible would it be to explore Sonoma Valley and its hundreds of wineries without spending a dime on gas or expensive tours?  Apparently it would be pretty incredible, judging by a recent state-funded grant to dev... Read article

Is Rincon Valley's Sprawl-Oriented Design Beyond Repair?

by Nick Danty

On the eastern edge of the city of Santa Rosa lies the Rincon Valley community, a typical middle-class suburb in the heart of wine country. The neighborhoods in this area, most notably the Skyhawk and Saint Francis devel... Read article

Social Equity Or NIMBYism? Marin County's Battle With Affordable Housing

by Nick Danty

Marin County is home to thousands of acres of open space; national, state and regional parks; and one of the most staggering equity disparities in the country. According to the American Human Development Project, the m... Read article

Guerilla Planning Strikes Junior College Neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California

by Nick Danty

The Junior College neighborhood is one of the oldest areas of Santa Rosa, and one of the most walkable. The location of middle schools, high schools, and the junior college within the neighborhood has led to a high level... Read article

Santa Rosa Infill Project Falls Short of Expectations

by Nick Danty

The idea began with great intentions: tear down a blighted building in Santa Rosa’s underused Courthouse Square and replace it with a multi-story mixed-use tower. The building in question, an antiquated AT&T long-dis... Read article

Sonoma County's Mobile App Assisted Rideshare Program Shifts Into Second Gear

by Nick Danty

An innovative ridesharing program has taken hold in Sonoma County, California, as  WeGo Sonoma continues to utilize the real-time mobile rideshare app known as “Carma.” The app allows drivers and riders to post their p... Read article

Unique Form-Based Code Sets Petaluma Above the Rest

by Nick Danty

Take a stroll through downtown Petaluma, and you will see why it is different from every other city in Sonoma County. It does not sprawl out like a spider web of big-box retailers and suburban developments like Rohnert... Read article

Coddingtown Mall Anchors Santa Rosa's TOD Development

by Nick Danty

In 2012, the city of Santa Rosa approved a plan to guide development practices around the site of the future North Santa Rosa Station, the second of the two Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) stops in the city. The... Read article

Climate Actions Plans Grow in Acceptance in Sonoma County

by Nick Danty

While support for climate protection has become fairly ubiquitous in Sonoma County, only one of its nine cities has implemented an official Climate Action Plan (CAP). To be fair, the other eight have adopted sustainabi... Read article

Thinking Regionally: Sonoma County's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

by Nick Danty

Sonoma County has been a tourist haven for wine connoisseurs and recreationalists for decades. In more recent years, the county has gained notoriety for its commitments to climate protection, alternative transportation... Read article

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