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Miriam Ansorena

Owning a Car in Berlin, Germany: The Compulsory Sticker and Alternatives

by Miriam Ansorena

When I started living in Germany, I realised that all the cars had a sticker on the left bottom side of the windshield. The majority were green, and yellow ones were scarce. At the beginning I thought it had something t... Read article

5 Creative Environmental Engineering Website Designs

by Miriam Ansorena

Any person that is reading this post is most likely a frequent Internet user. The population of the world in December 2011 was estimated at 6 billion inhabitants, and the number of Internet users was 2 billion people. ... Read article

Spanish Engineers Migrating to Germany: Spain’s ‘Brain-Drain'

by Miriam Ansorena

It is very paradoxical how history changes. In the Second World War German people migrated to other countries, while at present, they are welcoming people from all around Europe.In this precise moment I am writing th... Read article

Unique Engineering & Architectural Logo Designs

by Miriam Ansorena

Creating a unique engineering logo design is not an easy task. In the world there are thousands of different logos and it is difficult to stand out. And there are experienced consultants and websites specialised in the t... Read article

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain: 2012 European Green Capital

by Miriam Ansorena

Vitoria (Gasteiz in Basque), Spain, was awarded the title of European Green Capital for the year 2012. Former European Green Capitals were the city of Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 and Hamburg, Germany in 2011. For the year ... Read article

Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain: 2016 European Capital of Culture

by Miriam Ansorena

On June 28, 2011, San Sebastian (Donostia in Basque) was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2016 for Spain, and on May 10, 2012, Europe confirmed it. San Sebastian is a city of 180.000 inhabitants lo... Read article

Social Media for Planning Consultancies

by Miriam Ansorena

Planning consultancies offer a wide range of advice on matters concerned with planning, development, and environmental issues which surround a building project. They are involved in a number of different types of pro... Read article

First Offshore Wind Turbine? Case Studies in Spain

by Miriam Ansorena

The future of wind turbines seem to be the offshore wind turbines. Offshore wind turbines take better advantage of wind resources, there is greater space in the sea than on earth, and thus, bigger wind turbines can be in... Read article

Considering Door-To-Door Waste Collection in Zarautz, Spain

by Miriam Ansorena

In the last few years there has been a clear tendency in the towns close to Zarautz, Spain to install the “door-to-door waste collection system.” The aim is to reuse, recycle and reduce waste so that minimal amount goes ... Read article

5 Answers to Common Wind Farm Questions

by Miriam Ansorena

A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines placed one next to another. As it was explained in the blog entitled 'An Introduction to Wind Turbines: Rotation Axis, Power, Rotors, and Towers,' they are used to generate el... Read article

An Introduction to Wind Turbines: Rotation Axis, Power, Rotors, and Towers

by Miriam Ansorena

Around the world, wind turbines have become familiar in landscape architecture. Their purpose is simple: harvesting the energy in wind and converting it into sustainable and usable power, which can provide electricity at... Read article

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