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Meg Mulhall

Farewell to The Grid, from Meg Mulhall

by Meg Mulhall

My first post for Global Site Plans was published in January. I was eager to write for The Grid, and treated it as an opportunity to explore the urban planning issues and interface with those involved in Ann Arbor and ... Read article

Detroit Controversy over Converting I-375 into a Pedestrian-Friendly Surface Road

by Meg Mulhall

Detroit, Michigan is at a crossroads of urban development. I've covered the many urban planning controversies being discussed in the area: development and gentrification in Midtown and Downtown, transit problems, and i... Read article

Great Lakes Water Quality & Access Threatens 30 Million North Americans

by Meg Mulhall

Michigan, being the Great Lakes State, gets a lot of attention in the national political and environmental frontier as concerns about climate change and access to fresh water begin to surface in conversations. As the l... Read article

Detroit Center MConnector Shuttles University of Michigan Students to Detroit

by Meg Mulhall

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor provides buses for students to more easily traverse the multiple campuses spread across the city. And now the University is making it easier for students to engage with the City ... Read article

Ann Arbor, Michigan Sees Candidates from New "Mixed Use Party"

by Meg Mulhall

I’ve been following Detroit’s upcoming mayoral election and the controversy surrounding the imposition of the Emergency Financial Manager, here on Global Site Plans, but forty miles to the west, Ann Arbor is experiencing... Read article

Grand Rapids, Michigan’s ArtPrize Invites Commentary on Public Space and the Built Environment

by Meg Mulhall

This year, Grand Rapids is celebrating the fifth year of their revolutionary art competition, ArtPrize. Since the fall of 2009, ArtPrize has taken over downtown Grand Rapids and attracted hundreds of thousands of visit... Read article

Attracting the Creative Class to Detroit's Midtown: What About the Non-Creatives?

by Meg Mulhall

Detroit, Michigan’s Midtown area has been a hotbed of redevelopment in the City for the past decade and is home to Wayne State University, the public institution that has had a wide-reaching impact on the safety and po... Read article

Kalamazoo, Michigan Farmers Market Opens to SNAP Bridge Card Payments

by Meg Mulhall

My weekly Saturday morning routine during summers in Kalamazoo, Michigan is anchored around a trip to the Bank Street Farmer’s Market. Having made this a habit the past few years, I have seen this major Kalamazoo marke... Read article

Detroit's Urban Agriculture Ordinance Inspires Changes to Vacant Lots

by Meg Mulhall

If you take a break from the media coverage of Detroit that focuses on the City’s ever-increasing unemployment rate, ample vacant land and rampant blight, you will notice some optimistic trends in sustainability, from o... Read article

Governing the New American Municipality: Your Crash Course in Detroit Politics

by Meg Mulhall

Detroit’s bankruptcy shocked those who obviously hadn't been paying attention to the pandemic issues of inequality sweeping across cities in the United States over the past half century. The state of governance in Detr... Read article

Detroit Bankruptcy: A Wake-Up Call for American Municipalities

by Meg Mulhall

Detroit’s filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy on Thursday, July 18th seemed to shock national and international media, even though this next-step for Detroit has been described as “inevitable” for over a decade. In the days ... Read article

Should We Still Be Inviting Private Corporations to Redevelop Detroit?

by Meg Mulhall

Many revolutionary types in Detroit today will tell you that the City’s downfall was brought on largely by the influence corporate automakers have had historically over urban planning and policy. Even the 1987 film Rob... Read article

The State of Transit in Southeast Michigan

by Meg Mulhall

Transit has been a topic of interest in 2013 Detroit. With the M1 Woodward Avenue rail project given the go-ahead and news of the expansion of Interstates 94 and 75, organizations and movements like the Detroit People’... Read article

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