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Matthew Traucht

Matthew Traucht: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

by Matthew Traucht

Global Site Plans has been an important part of my development as a writer and I am proud for having had the chance to work with Renée van Staveren and the crew there. My work as a master’s candidate at the University of... Read article

From the Cradle to the Grave at the Historic Fort Snelling, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

If the act of naming something validates its existence, the Dakota War of 1862 is overwrought with meaning. That same conflict, one that killed hundreds of whites as well as Native Americans, is variously referred to as... Read article

Innovating the Landscape from Ordnance to Ordinance in Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

Brownfield remediation is becoming a common process in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. A few miles from the heart of one of the more successful projects - Mill Ruins Park - lies UMore Park (University of Minneso... Read article

The Ghetto in the Sky: From Slum Removal to Urban Renewal in Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

One of the most iconic viewsheds in Minneapolis - hated by some, loved by others - are any that include the Riverside Plaza apartments. From many places in the city you can see the Brutalist concrete buildings, with t... Read article

Reconfiguring for Razzmatazz: The Debate Over Peavey Plaza

by Matthew Traucht

Just over a year ago, in October 2011, the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota revealed new plans for the redesign of historic Peavey Plaza.  Those plans were scrutinized in the media and public outcry mourned the loss of s... Read article

Brownfields on the River’s Edge: Minnesota and the Mississippi

by Matthew Traucht

The connected metro-regions of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota, are at the forefront of brownfield remediation. The Twin Cities exhibit several exemplary projects that demonstrate the positive reception of t... Read article

Retooling the Assembly Line at the Ford Plant in St Paul, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

In 2011, Ford closed their 122-acre St. Paul, Minnesota plant after 86 years of production. The community has developed around the plant and Ford’s impact on the area is a fixture of this cultural landscape.  The closure... Read article

Why You Should Care About New Design Guidelines in the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Zone, Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, new design guidelines are being recognized to preserve the context and character of the historic heart of the city.  Following an extensive public hearing period and intensive research, these g... Read article

No More Hot Water at Coldwater Springs, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

“What happens to the water happens to the people” is the call to action by supporters of Coldwater Spring in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  September 2012 marks the opening of the redesigned Coldwater Park, Birthplace of Minne... Read article

Listening With Your Eyes, Seeing With Your Ears in Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

“Whether we look closely or not, great art in public spaces improves our quality of life in Minneapolis every day,” said Mayor R.T. Rybak of the Minnesota Public Radio’s Sound Point project launched in 2011.  Sound Point... Read article

From Refugee to Refuge: The Changing Hmong Landscape in St Paul, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

The cultural landscape of the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area in Minnesota is largely influenced by historic large-scale agriculture, but that landscape is continuing to evolve to include new forms based on traditional, s... Read article

Pop-Up Place and Biomimicry in Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

Revitalization and renewal are such commonly used buzzwords that they’ve lost some of their impact.  But the urban landscape is one that will always require fresh efforts of adaptation to shifting trends.  The Twin C... Read article

Farming Is Abuzz In The Inner CIty: Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

Though only recently decriminalized, urban farming and beekeeping endeavors are quickly gaining a foothold in the contemporary landscape of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In order to increase the sustainability and efficien... Read article

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