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Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

A Farewell to The Grid from Luis Lozano-Paredes in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, Colombia

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

As I complete my two year internship with The Grid, it is time for a retrospective look. Two years ago I was beginning “Part 2” of my career in architecture, a mandatory professional cycle after your first undergraduate ... Read article

Making the City Evolve: Buenos Aires' Ministry of E-Government

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

The second term of the current Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri, brought the creation of two new ministries into the organization of the Government of the City; one of them is the new Ministry of E-Government or “Mo... Read article

The Unbearable Lightness of Argentine Architecture: The Venice Biennale

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

In line with the proposal by Rem Koolhaas, chief curator of this year’s Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Argentine exhibition aims to reflect on how society incorporated modern ideas from the 20th century, to present... Read article

The First Public Building Green Façade in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

As presented in numerous previous posts, the City of Buenos Aires has embarked on a series of measures towards comprehensive green management policies.With the recently approved Green Roofs law, the expansion of bike... Read article

Argentine Government Dismantled Christopher Columbus Statue in Buenos Aires

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Many say it’s an ideological move, directed towards a reinterpretation of the history of the colonization of the Americas, while others say it’s just a necessary process for the restoration of a monument that is at risk ... Read article

From Grey to Green: or, How to Make Green Roofs Legal in Buenos Aires

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Recently, many things have changed in Buenos Aires concerning environmental awareness and policies towards more responsible urban planning - ones that are in tune with the rest of the world. As mentioned in previous post... Read article

Colombia Requires A New Way to Plan Its Urban Development

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

This week, Colombia will go to the polls in a new presidential election that will determine the type of policies the country will apply for the next four years.In the race towards the House of Nariño there are compet... Read article

Between Old and New: Historical Redevelopment in Buenos Aires

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Buenos Aires, like many cities, is currently confronting a housing crisis. Its situation has been caused mainly by economic speculation and real estate market bubbles bursting. Putting it in simple terms: there’s not eno... Read article

How to Make Buenos Aires, Argentina a Cleaner City

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

The recent administration of Buenos Aires has been rather successful in confronting many problems of the city that were neglected for many years. Now, the city has a new focus on sustainability and environmental awarenes... Read article

World Urban Forum 7: Medellin, Colombia at the Heart of Urban Debates

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Twenty years after being considered the the most violent city in the world, Medellin is no longer recognized as the most dangerous city, but the most innovative, the most resilient, and an example in planning projects th... Read article

Bike Lanes are Far From Over: Cycling the City in Colombia

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

As I’m writing this on a typical Colombian Sunday, the famous opinion magazine Semana published an article about the political rebirth of the former mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa. In this article the magazine expose... Read article

Is the Work of Colombian Architect Rogelio Salmona Destined to Ruins?

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Rogelio Salmona is recognized as one of the most important architects of Latin America. For over fifty years, his works and thoughts guided the formation of hundreds of architects who find in them an expression that is b... Read article

Street Furniture in Bogotá: Changing the City from the Bus Stops

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

‘Street furniture’ or mobiliario urbano as we call it in Colombia, comprises all the objects that form the landscape of a city and are installed in the public space: Benches, railings, lamp-posts, fences and bus stops - ... Read article

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