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Luise Letzner

Farewell to the GRID and Global Site Plans from Luise Letzner

by Luise Letzner

My six months of blogging for The GRID are now coming to an end. I am thankful for the opportunity, the support, and inspiration which I received from the GRID team during this time. As a big fan of combining communic... Read article

Cities as Brands: Global Recognition of Local Cultures through Place Branding

by Luise Letzner

In a global economy, where places are in tight competition for investors, companies, workforce, and tourists, creating a place brand has become a powerful tool. Cities like Paris, London, and New York have distinct... Read article

In Search of the Urban: Planning for Urbanity in HafenCity, Hamburg

by Luise Letzner

The special characteristics of cities and the urban way of life have been of fascination to people for a long time. But what exactly does this idea entail?Urbanity is a concept that is classically associated with mod... Read article

Social Media and The City: The Do’s and Don’ts of Involving People

by Luise Letzner

It’s no secret that in order to attract investors, companies, and tourists, cities are under increasing pressure to stand out. More and more cities make use of social media to create a positive image and strengthen their... Read article

Urban Mobility: Thinking Ahead is Half the Journey

by Luise Letzner

My commute to the university is not very long: I take a train, another train, and I’m as good as there. Still, almost every morning I ask my mobile app to tell me which way is the quickest. Maybe today I’ll switch at a d... Read article

Overcoming Urban Barriers: Potentials for Industrial Heritage Buildings of Peutestreet, Hamburg

by Luise Letzner

Outside of the city of Hamburg, Germany, lies a piece of land that is hard to get to via public transport, on a street which usually appears deserted. Surrounded on both sides by containers, trucks, and industrial st... Read article

To Plant Ideas and Let Them Grow: Prinzessinengarten, Berlin

by Luise Letzner

Want to grow your veggies and eat them, too? While, until recently, the idea of combining urbanity with gardening seemed like a strong contradiction, urban gardens have started popping up in central city spaces around th... Read article

Biking and the City: How to Create and Communicate Bike-Friendly Urban Environments

by Luise Letzner

Bike paths come in many shapes and sizes. They are made for the urban bicyclist, the long distance bicyclist, or the adventurous bicyclist. Sometimes, they are not made for bicyclists at all, and because it’s too dan... Read article

Handling Historical Relicts: Conversion or Preservation?

by Luise Letzner

Deep within the Grunewald, Berlin’s largest forest, lies a special treasure of great historical significance: a hill called Teufelsberg. It’s a challenge to find it, but once you do, you will be rewarded with an extraord... Read article

Industrial Relicts, Nature and Art: Nature Park Südgelände

by Luise Letzner

South from the city-centre of Berlin, a small pathway leads up to a curious mix of copper-colored buildings, a single-standing water tower, and birch trees, fighting their way through former train tracks. Upon arrival, t... Read article

Creative Industries Against the Right to Access Water: Who Can Claim the City?

by Luise Letzner

The Mayor, urban planners, and economists agree: creative industries are key to Berlin’s economic development. In a city that doesn’t rely on larger industrial facilities, that holds a special position due to its histori... Read article

Filling the GAP: Short- and Long-Term Strategies for Europe’s Largest Open Space

by Luise Letzner

With its 2.5 acres of land, Tempelhof has recently become Europe’s largest unimproved inner-city space. A site for experimental airships already in the 19th century, Tempelhof was one of Berlin’s most central airport... Read article

Online Participation Tools Within Urban Planning: A Quick Fix for Local Problems?

by Luise Letzner

Do you have a problem? Mark it on the map and we’ll take care of it - if you vote for us. Prior to Germany’s Berlin Senate election in 2011, the Green Party presented an interactive online tool that people could use t... Read article

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