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Lisa Gran

Sustainable Fashion: How Consumer Choices & Fashion Can Coexist

by Lisa Gran

How can we evolve the fashion industry to reflect a more sustainable and ethical approach? Authors Jennifer Farley Gordon and Colleen Hill set out to answer this very question in Sustainable Fashion: Past, Present, a... Read article

Farewell to the Grid, from Lisa Gran

by Lisa Gran

Starting with The Grid in December of 2012, I never imagined where a year of blogging would take me. Studying environmental engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I wasn't quite sure what the future would h... Read article

Sustainable Thinking Connecting Lincoln through Green by Design

by Lisa Gran

Green design is both an ideology and a process. It encompasses a key sustainability aspect through the utilization and implementation of environmentally sound principles both within development and design as well as with... Read article

Successful Development of Lincoln's West Haymarket Spurs Phase Two

by Lisa Gran

Since the completion of the newly nominated best major concert venue award by Pollstar Magazine, Pinnacle Bank Arena, the West Haymarket area has taken off. Becoming a hub for new restaurants, a sport, concert and event ... Read article

UNL to Redesign Student Union in An Effort to Perpetuate A Modernized Ideology

by Lisa Gran

Public Universities are always looking to grow and expand to attract incoming collegiate students. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska is no different and in the coming years, they have ... Read article

Lincoln, Nebraska to Further Develop a Redeveloped Floodplain: "Exchange at Antelope Valley"

by Lisa Gran

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska in recent years has had the unique opportunity to redevelop key urban areas. These areas, otherwise unusable land spaces, have given city architects, engineers, and urban planners the opport... Read article

Lincoln Taking Steps to Boost Citywide Recycling Percentages From 18%

by Lisa Gran

Land space is quickly becoming one of modern day’s most valuable resources. As city planners look to reduce urban sprawl, solutions are being sought after in order to maintain city limits across the country. One major pr... Read article

Digital Capitals of America: Lincoln Named the 2013 eCity of Nebraska

by Lisa Gran

In a world that is powered by the internet, it comes as no surprise that small, local businesses are turning to online sources as a way to market themselves and expand beyond their shop doors. E-marketing is playing a ... Read article

Grant Funded Projects Shaping Lincoln, Nebraska

by Lisa Gran

With any development project, much focus is placed on the big picture, the final product. However more often than not, many never think about the road taken to get to this final product. During the initial stages of plan... Read article

Tract Housing Curbed: One Suburban Neighborhood Embracing Architectural Design

by Lisa Gran

Architectural diversity is something that is often times becoming increasingly more difficult to find within suburban areas. Suburban areas are embracing the concept of tract housing; a sort of ‘one house fits all' in ne... Read article

Sasaki Associates Planning the Future of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln

by Lisa Gran

Colleges around the United States are often known to be hubs for innovation, research, intellect, and above all, change. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is starting to embrace this idea of change and growth through a ... Read article

K-5 School Designed as Healthy Lifestyle Learning Community

by Lisa Gran

Childhood obesity has seen a huge increase within recent years and is a major problem within the United States. There are many measures that researchers, dieticians and other professionals have been taking to try and opt... Read article

Taking the Prairie to the Suburbs: Introducing Sustainable Urban Landscapes

by Lisa Gran

When one imagines a Nebraska landscape, it is assumed that most of the land consists of large amounts of flat plains and prairie. This familiar landscape is also finding its way into Nebraska’s urban landscapes; bringing... Read article

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