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Lindsay Vanstone

Farewell to The Grid from Lindsay Vanstone in Toronto

by Lindsay Vanstone

After these short six months, I now look at my hometown of Toronto with a new perspective and have come to appreciate this city even more than before.I applied for this internship with The Grid after spending a summe... Read article

How Billboards Fund Public Art in Toronto

by Lindsay Vanstone

Artists in Toronto have long been undervalued. "Artists were constantly pitching projects to the city, but there was never enough money [in the city budget]," said Devon Ostrom, co-founder of, an allianc... Read article

Design Challenge: Reconstruct Canada’s Busiest Transit Hub without Stopping Service

by Lindsay Vanstone

Union Station in Toronto is overdue for a renovation. Last updated in the late 1980's, it is dated; the connections between the three transit systems are inefficient, and the congestion during rush hour - and especially ... Read article

How Important is Youth Civic Engagement in a City?

by Lindsay Vanstone

Toronto is ranked the #1 Youthful City of 2014 out of twenty-five of the world’s largest cities. Decode, a firm that analyzes young person consumer behavior and interests, conceptualized YouthfulCities. YouthfulCities i... Read article

Toronto’s First Outdoor Covered Skating Rink Opens in Greenwood Park

by Lindsay Vanstone

The first outdoor covered skating rink in Toronto has recently opened in Greenwood Park. Leisure skaters also have an added draw to the new facility: a skating trail rather than a typical rink. According to the rink at... Read article

$1.6 Billion in Esthetic Value Lost in Toronto Ice Storm

by Lindsay Vanstone

With parks, ravines, rivers, and other open spaces, the Parks, Recreation and Forestry division of Toronto likes to call Toronto a “City Within a Park.” However, to make sure this remains true for many years to come, Tor... Read article

Building Community through Design: Toronto Design Offsite Festival

by Lindsay Vanstone

Toronto has long been home to many Canadian designers, architects, and artists, but the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) has helped put them on center stage and fostered a public understanding and appreciation f... Read article

Toronto’s Planning Outpaces its Policy

by Lindsay Vanstone

In Scarborough, Toronto’s east end, a three-bedroom house will cost almost the same to buy as a two-bedroom condominium apartment. It isn't difficult to guess which most home buyers might choose. Toronto’s Official Plan ... Read article

The 2015 Pan Am Games’ True Legacy for Toronto

by Lindsay Vanstone

On July 10th 2015, Toronto takes center stage. Toronto will be hosting the 2015 Pan American/Parapan American Games, the third largest sporting event after the Olympics and the Asian Games. The city will welcome almost 9... Read article

Toronto's Victorian Distillery Becomes a Popular Pedestrian-Only Cultural Hub

by Lindsay Vanstone

Ten years ago, if you mentioned “Gooderam and Worts,” you likely got a blank stare. Today, mention the area under its new name, the Distillery District, and Torontonians will list many things they love about it: brick pe... Read article

Jennifer Keesmaat is Attacking the Deep-Rooted City-Suburb Divide of Toronto

by Lindsay Vanstone

Jennifer Keesmaat, the Chief Planner for the City of Toronto and one of the fifty most influential people in Toronto, is directing attention to the importance of walkable neighbourhoods. Unlike the focus of most developm... Read article

Regent Park Social Housing Revitalization: A Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income Success?

by Lindsay Vanstone

The Regent Park Film Festival in Toronto spurred me to check out the $1 billion, fifteen-year revitalization of the neighborhood and also see some great films produced locally and internationally.Regent Park, notorio... Read article

Toronto's 300 Sq. Ft. Condo Boom: A Great Place to Live, But for Whom?

by Lindsay Vanstone

The 300 square foot micro-condo is coming to Toronto. These small units will maximize the number of residential units available in an area with a high demand. For professionals who work long hours and spend little time a... Read article

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