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Lindsay Naughton

A Farewell to The Grid from Lindsay Naughton in St. Louis, Missouri

by Lindsay Naughton

The opportunity to intern with The Grid gave me the chance to truly explore St. Louis, Missouri. With plans to open the National Blues Museum and create an international technology hub, to exploring the history of Fo... Read article

Debunking St. Louis, Missouri: Perceptions of Crime versus Reality

by Lindsay Naughton

Perception is powerful. It is powerful because we often have a hard time separating perception from reality. While we see perception as being right or wrong, we also believe that we can shape perceptions. We often can.... Read article

Where is the Largest Playground in the World for Adults?

by Lindsay Naughton

The City Museum’s founders, Bob and Gail Cassily, purchased a 750,000 square foot building in 1983 for sixty-nine cents per square foot in downtown St. Louis. Back then, the mostly vacant structure held the former In... Read article

Developer Foresaw the Untapped Potential of "The Delmar Loop" in St. Louis, Missouri

by Lindsay Naughton

After graduating from Duke University in 1972, Joe Edwards returned home to St. Louis, Missouri. It was here that he opened Blueberry Hill, a restaurant, bar, and live music venue. Edwards specifically selected its l... Read article

St. Louis, Missouri Establishes itself as Midwest's Technology and Innovation Hub

by Lindsay Naughton

In 2002, Washington University, Saint Louis University, the University of Missouri, BJC Healthcare, and the Missouri Botanical Garden joined forces to transform 240 acres of midtown St. Louis, Missouri into a nationa... Read article

Apply to Arch Grants, “Pass Go,” and Collect $50,000 in St. Louis, Missouri

by Lindsay Naughton

Grow your start-up with $50,000 -no strings attached. If that sounds too good to be true, there is just one catch: you have to move your business to St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis based non-profit organization, Arch ... Read article

St. Louis, Missouri's Olympic Legacy: The First United States City to Host

by Lindsay Naughton

With pending bids submitted by Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, the 2024 Summer Olympics could return to the United States for the first time in twenty-two years. The United States has hosted the G... Read article

How Much Bigger is St. Louis' Forest Park Compared to NYC's Central Park?

by Lindsay Naughton

St. Louis, Missouri's “Forest Park is at least “__” times the size of New York City's Central Park” (insert number from two to ten). Since moving to St. Louis, I have heard these words said time and time again. I dec... Read article

Craft Beer to Replace Hallmark "Budweiser" in St. Louis, Missouri

by Lindsay Naughton

In 2008, for a cost of $52 billion dollars, InBev, the Leuven, Belgium-based owner of Beck’s and Stella Artois swallowed Anheuser-Busch whole. Better known as “Budweiser,” Anheuser-Busch is the hallmark of American b... Read article

St. Louis, Missouri to Become Home to National Blues Museum

by Lindsay Naughton

The Blues are alive and well in St. Louis, Missouri. In May 2015, St. Louis will become home to the first National Blues Museum. The city has long been home to many jazz and blues bar venues. Some more famous locatio... Read article

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