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Lauren Golightly

Coworking in San Francisco: Redefining Our Everyday Workspace

by Lauren Golightly

Say goodbye to the worn out 9-to-5 cattle barn of work cubicles. A new movement of alternative workspaces is beginning to take hold across the United States, especially in San Francisco. The number of telecommuters, ... Read article

San Francisco’s Road to Zero-Waste: An Unthinkable Goal by 2020?

by Lauren Golightly

San Francisco is a catalyst for change, leading the nation by becoming the first major U.S. city to reach a “zero-waste” goal. The city recognized that the recycling of bottles and paper could no longer remedy the amount... Read article

Are Tech Companies the Cure for San Francisco's Homeless “Epidemic?"

by Lauren Golightly

Men and women step over the homeless, with shoes worth more than that individual earns in a year, begging on the streets of San Francisco. Most treat San Francisco’s homeless population similar to a chronic condition. It... Read article

A Visual Typology: A Modern Face-Lift To San Francisco’s Victorian Homes

by Lauren Golightly

Take a walk with me. We are walking up a San Francisco street so steep you think it might be easier to crawl. You feel that if you were to extend your arms straight out you could touch the very ground you tread. Feel... Read article

“Autogeddon:” Is The Automobile Killing San Francisco’s Infrastructure?

by Lauren Golightly

Pedestrian and cyclist safety has always been a pressing issue in the San Francisco Bay Area, with injuries and fatalities currently reaching record highs. In this post, I would like to steer clear of contributing to my ... Read article

Across the Bay: Oakland Leads in School Health Programs

by Lauren Golightly

In San Francisco, you are more likely to see Google buses than school buses on any weekday morning. Why? With budget cuts in transportation for public schools, a large number of elementary to high school students are... Read article

San Francisco’s Mission District: The Controversial Gentrification

by Lauren Golightly

A walk through the heart of San Francisco’s historic Mission District is typically charged with the activity of crowded sidewalk fruit markets, lively music, and the smells from taquerías and pupusas. While this energy i... Read article

A “Better Market Street:" The Revitalization Plans for San Francisco’s City Center

by Lauren Golightly

Market Street serves as the primary artery of San Francisco serving to filter hoards of pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars through its corridor. Despite the daily quarter of a million people using transit, over 200,000 pe... Read article

The SFMOMA Expansion: Increasing Community Connection Through Transparency

by Lauren Golightly

Commonly, the most dreaded hurdle for architects is: How to address the site in a way which does not dismiss the surrounding urban fabric. Drawing in the occasional pedestrian would be a compliment, but it is not always ... Read article

San Francisco’s de Young Museum: “Smart” or Not?

by Lauren Golightly

When considering building materials, what do you think of? Glass, steel, concrete, stone, wood, and some subtleties in between? The utilization of these materials in a building, act as a palette for the designer, giv... Read article

The Bay Bridge Deconstruction: Can Demolition Be Sustainable?

by Lauren Golightly

San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, which has served as a work-horse for the bay area since 1936, is undergoing demolition to make way for a more contemporary counterpart. The new bridge is already becoming a world icon claiming... Read article

Vision Zero Project: Rethinking “Safe” Pedestrian Infrastructure in San Francisco

by Lauren Golightly

Walking through downtown San Francisco can have an appeal similar to a game of Russian roulette. But in this game of chance, the bullets are one to two ton cars. Within half an hour, I had the unfortunate privilege of wi... Read article

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