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Lauren Golightly

Farewell to The Grid from Lauren Golightly in San Francisco, California

by Lauren Golightly

When I began writing with The Grid, I was moving from the New Mexico desert to the City by the Bay, San Francisco. Arriving in the midst of gentrification, I had the pleasure of experiencing the struggles of finding ho... Read article

Call for All Artists! California's Bay Bridge May Have a Life Beyond Demolition After All

by Lauren Golightly

It has been announced that salvaged steel from the old Bay Bridge will be recycled into public art and incorporated into various history projects throughout California. Supervised by the Oakland Museum of California ... Read article

Egypt’s New Capital Will be the Largest Planned City in History. But is it Possible?

by Lauren Golightly

Cairo’s thousand year reign as the capital of Egypt is under threat by a new capital. Set to rise from the desert sand just east of Cairo, the new capital is estimated to cover an astonishing 270 square miles and cos... Read article

Building from Waste: San Francisco Glimpses Into the Future of Our Built Environments

by Lauren Golightly

Can waste have a second life as a building material? This is the question brought to surface through ETH Zurich’s Building from Waste exhibition. Held at Swissnex San Francisco, the exhibition is based on the book B... Read article

Alternative Materials: Will Our Future Resilient Cities Rise from the Landfill?

by Lauren Golightly

1.3 billion tons of waste is generated each year in cities worldwide. With a rabid consumerist hunger, it is unsurprising that 30% of the world’s waste comes from America. San Francisco is hoping to change this by be... Read article

San Francisco Adaptive Reuse: From Church to Tech Office

by Lauren Golightly

When it comes to finding available, unique spaces in San Francisco, tech companies like Twitter, AirBnB, and countless others take on a hermit crab approach. Limited space, dense urban conditions, and nightmarish bui... Read article

Rising Sea Levels: Designing A Future To Save San Francisco

by Lauren Golightly

Surrounded by water, San Francisco sits as a sacrificial offering, waiting to be swallowed by the Pacific Ocean. The year is 2072 and San Francisco is an island. Downtown has been erased and gentrification in the Mis... Read article

Vision Zero 2024: San Francisco Streets No Longer Dangerous By Design?

by Lauren Golightly

The phrase “dangerous by design” embodies the reality of San Francisco streets. Biking down Market street during the five o’clock rush, I had no idea my biggest fear would come true: I lost a hopeless battle with a b... Read article

The Fleet of the Future: BART’s Improved Design for the San Francisco Bay Area

by Lauren Golightly

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is getting a much needed remodel after 40 years of service. The typical Bay Area commuter’s relationship with BART has always been strained. A typical BART ride, much like that on any bi... Read article

Creative Augmented Reality App in San Francisco: Reimagining the SFMOMA

by Lauren Golightly

San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is “closed for construction, yet more open than ever.” With the museum expansion still under construction until early 2016, the SFMOMA collection has been popping up arou... Read article

Micro-Apartments: Making 160 Square Feet Livable in San Francisco

by Lauren Golightly

California’s smallest legal apartment lies in San Francisco’s SOMA district just south of downtown. The 160 square foot SmartSpace apartment holds enough space for one person looking to practice minimal living. This ... Read article

The Architectural Paradox: SOM’s Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light

by Lauren Golightly

Derived from the Greek word Katholicos, the word catholic means “universal” or “all-embracing.” This is an interesting paradox for a religion with an often authoritative past and history of exclusion. A paradox is a ... Read article

Dogpatch Destination: Pier 70 is San Francisco’s Center for Redevelopment

by Lauren Golightly

In the early 1900’s, the Dogpatch district was considered San Francisco’s industrial city-center with over 18,000 people working at Pier 70 daily. As one of the only neighborhoods to survive the destructive fires bro... Read article

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