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Kaylie Duffy

Farewell to The Grid from Kaylie Duffy in Madison, Wisconsin

by Kaylie Duffy

It’s hard to believe that my six month internship with The Grid has finished. It feels just like yesterday I was trying to find an internship that combined my love of writing, my fascination with urban planning, and my p... Read article

Building for Intellectual Growth in Madison: Wisconsin's Future Idea Center

by Kaylie Duffy

The “Wisconsin Idea” is a principle that is ingrained in every young mind that enters the University of Wisconsin. The basis of the Wisconsin Idea is that the university should improve people’s lives beyond the classroom... Read article

Wisconsin's Own Copenhagen? Madison's Blossoming Bicycle Infrastructure

by Kaylie Duffy

Though Madison, Wisconsin is covered in a deep layer of ice and snow for almost half of the year, it doesn’t stop many of the city’s hardiest bicyclists. No matter if it’s a beautiful June afternoon or a bitterly col... Read article

Placemaking Around the Yahara Lakes at the University of Wisconsin

by Kaylie Duffy

The city of Madison, Wisconsin is blessed to have an abundance of lakes. Thankfully the forefathers of our parks system attempted to attain as much of the land along the lakes as they could in order to preserve it for fu... Read article

Reinvesting in Wisconsin's Cities: Partnerships for Sustainability

by Kaylie Duffy

Madison has a reputation for being the “green capital” of Wisconsin; however, smaller cities and towns around the state are following Madison’s lead by putting many sustainable initiatives into practice. Some communi... Read article

“Complete Streets” Madison Leads the Safe Bicycle Initiative

by Kaylie Duffy

Madison, Wisconsin is repeatedly ranked as one of the happiest, healthiest, and greenest cities in the nation - and for good reason. The city boasts 12.7 parks per 10,000 residents, and there are more than 200 miles of b... Read article

Madison Envisions Pedestrian-Friendly City, Dreams of Moving Traffic Underground

by Kaylie Duffy

Most Madisonians know one of the most beautiful views in Madison is from John Nolen Drive - named for the famous landscape architect who helped plan the city over a hundred years ago. A portion of the drive is surrounded... Read article

Mixed-Use Communities Become the “Norm” in Wisconsin's Capital

by Kaylie Duffy

Madison, Wisconsin is currently experiencing a rise in mixed-use developments, especially in the downtown area and near east side. This change from primarily single-use to mixed-use projects prompted many locals to ask... Read article

Green Infrastructure Meets Green Solutions: Wisconsin's New Energy Institute

by Kaylie Duffy

The energy crisis is not only an American problem but also a global problem. What will happen when fossil fuels run out? Can our planet and its inhabitants even survive the constant burning of these fossil fuels? The Uni... Read article

University of Wisconsin's Rapid Plan for a Sustainable Future

by Kaylie Duffy

Madison, Wisconsin is a city where politics meet academics. The mid-sized city is both the state capital and home to the state’s largest public university - the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a student at UW-Madison... Read article

Design Visions to Unite Madisonians: Future High Capacity Transit System

by Kaylie Duffy

Public transportation networks provide numerous assets for growing cities - primarily, they provide a cheaper alternative to cars; are a better option for the environment; and reduce congestion on the road. Currently, Ma... Read article

Madison's Edgewater Hotel Redevelopment Nearing Completion

by Kaylie Duffy

Madison’s downtown is located on an isthmus and, therefore, has a plethora of lakefront access and housing. The two lakes provide a venue for boaters, water-skiers, ice skaters, and fishermen, and they attract day-trippe... Read article

Madison Follows Florence’s Lead: A Proposal to Increase Downtown Density

by Kaylie Duffy

Density has long been an important feature of thriving cities. High density neighborhoods favor pedestrian walkability over the use of automobiles and provide more efficient use of infrastructure. Madison, Wisconsin is ... Read article

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