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Katie Poppel

From Buena Vista, Colorado and Katie Poppel: A Farewell to the Grid

by Katie Poppel

It's important to look at every opportunity as a possible learning experience for self-improvement and a better understanding of one's environment. Blogging for The Grid was definitely one if these experiences.First ... Read article

3 Thoughts to Take from Silent Spring Today

by Katie Poppel

“This book is an attempt to explain...”No book could be more pertinent to society as a whole than Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Silent Spring, first published in 1962, celebrated fifty years in 2012 with a re... Read article

Urban Planning in All Shapes and Sizes: Rural Urban Planning is Planning Too!

by Katie Poppel

With Buena Vista's South Main on the left, preserved open space surrounds the planned unit development (PUD.) This development follows the idea of the urban transect. When most think of ‘urban planning,’ small, (i.e. ... Read article

Sprawl: Taking the Other Side of the Suburbia Argument

by Katie Poppel

If you are interested in hearing the ‘other’ side’s point of view on suburbia and the concept of sprawl, I recommend Robert Bruegmann’s book – Sprawl: A Compact History (The University of Chicago Press, 2005). Sprawl i... Read article

With the Environment in Mind: Planting Guides

by Katie Poppel

In the age of sustainability and more environmently-minded people, landscaping guides are more prominent now than in the past few decades. A landscape guide sets out specific plants pertaining to a certain region, city, ... Read article

The Transportation Lifeline: US Highway 24

by Katie Poppel

Buena Vista, Colorado has struggled in recent years with US Highway 24 – the primary transportation connection to other towns and cities. Highway 24 is one of the most well-known transportation corridors in south-central... Read article

Jan Gehl's Cities for People Reviewed: Two Copies for Giveaway

by Katie Poppel

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk.” – Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, Danish philosopherDanish architect, Jan Gehl’s, latest book, Cities for People (Island Press, 2010), explores the better designs of cities... Read article

The First Fairtrade Town in Colorado

by Katie Poppel

What does 'Fairtrade' mean? Can an entire town really become fair in all senses of trade? The basis of the Fairtrade movement is simple: help alleviate poverty in developing countries by paying premium for the goods ... Read article

"Living Streets" in Rural Colorado

by Katie Poppel

Complete street design isn't just for cities: rural communities can follow the theme, too.Living or complete streets reference street design practices incorporating all modes of transportation applicable to a sp... Read article

Wayfinding in Buena Vista, Colorado: The Struggles of a Small Community to Stand Out

by Katie Poppel

Wayfinding, or environmental graphic design, is on the rise throughout the United States; Corbin Design and National Sign Plazas are just two firms to specialize in wayfinding systems. However, "way finding" is a term... Read article

Rise in Global Temperatures Felt in Colorado

by Katie Poppel

While not everyone is on board that climate change is a real issue, the effects are increasingly felt across the globe. From higher ocean levels to warmer temperatures, one cannot argue that the environment has not c... Read article

Preserving Chaffee County, Colorado Through Environmental Design

by Katie Poppel

Preservation of one’s heritage plays an important role in environmental design, especially today. Architects, planners, and designers, in general, are strongly encouraged to incorporate the past, present, and futur... Read article

Blazing Trails in Buena Vista, Colorado

by Katie Poppel

As discussed in a previous post, Revamping the Riverfront, residents of Colorado like to stay active. Whether it is public or private open space, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, or another outdoor activity, Colora... Read article

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