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Katelyn Hewett

A Farewell to The Grid from Katelyn Hewett

by Katelyn Hewett

It is hard to believe it has been a year since I begin my time at The Grid. I still remember one of my first assignments, a book review on Charles Montgomery’s Happy City. I thought writing a book review would be a goo... Read article

Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France is Arming its Citizens with Solar Reflectance Education

by Katelyn Hewett

Experts at the Chamber of Trades and Artisans in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France have introduced professionals and individuals to innovative technologies related to housing.For example, lowering the temperature of a bu... Read article

Handicap Accessibility and Cultural Heritage in Mayenne and Nantes, France

by Katelyn Hewett

While seeing a wheelchair coming through the meandering paths of a fortified castle would have seemed a bit crazy a few years ago, our historic buildings have made progress in regards to accessibility. The respect of t... Read article

Copenhagenize's Most Cyclist-Friendly City Ranking Passes on Lyon, France

by Katelyn Hewett

Copenhagenize, the Danish urban planning council agency specializing in bike culture and traffic, published the top twenty most cyclist-friendly cities. Whereas Nantes, France is ranked 7th and Paris is ranked 17th, Ly... Read article

In Verberie, France, An Intergenerational Residence Leads to Debate

by Katelyn Hewett

Discussions are underway amongst elected officials in Verberie, France. Is it wise to create an intergenerational residence? “The initial feedback is mostly positive,” assures Michel Arnould, the Mayor of this commun... Read article

Amiens, France Prioritizes Social Housing Lease-Ownership Program

by Katelyn Hewett

The French government hopes to facilitate the construction of social housing by giving land to local communities and social landlords at a low price. Jean-Christophe Loric, Deputy to the Mayor of Amiens in charge of ... Read article

UNESCO Classification of Le Havre, France Makes Life Difficult for Some Residents

by Katelyn Hewett

Ten years after its UNESCO classification, people unanimously agree that the Auguste Perret style has led to a more positive perception of Le Havre, France. However, several dissonant voices express that it is not al... Read article

Strasbourg, France to Re-reveal Plans for Notre-Dame Cathedral

by Katelyn Hewett

On the thousand-year anniversary of the Notre-Dame Collection Foundation, (the organization that supports Strasbourg, France’s Notre-Dame Cathedral), the foundation’s museum is equipping itself with two new rooms tha... Read article

Brittany, France Harvests Marine Current Power with Hydrofan Technology

by Katelyn Hewett

The consortium Hydrofan was created in January 2015 after two years of reflection between its partners DCNS, Coriolis Composites, and the University of Southern Brittany. It is launching a research and development pr... Read article

My Light Systems: Bringing Greater Autonomy to Domestic Solar Energy

by Katelyn Hewett

My Light Systems is a startup from Saint-Priest outside of Lyon, France that offers to optimize the photovoltaic energy that a household produces. They have developed a system that makes domestic solar electricity pr... Read article

Survey of Alleyway Usage Launched this Summer in Limoilou, Quebec

by Katelyn Hewett

On the brink of revising its policy on alley greenery, Quebec City, Quebec entrusted the organization with conducting a large survey of citizens and businesses in the neighborhood of Limoilou, in order to... Read article

Police Officers Predict the End of UberPOP in Paris, France

by Katelyn Hewett

“You are witnessing what is perhaps the end of UberPOP,” announces the police captain in charge of Parisian taxis, Thierry Pujol. On patrol in Paris, France since the beginning of the week, the force didn’t find any ... Read article

French Train Service, SNCF, Appeals to Millennials with Crowdsourced Scheduling

by Katelyn Hewett

There is no doubt that the SNCF (French National Train Service) is seeking to attract young people with its new marketing move, TGV pop. TGV pop is a 100% digital offer, with tariffs that vary between 25 and 35 euros... Read article

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