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Jue Wang

Shanghai's New Districts Fall Short of Attracting Residents

by Jue Wang

On December 27,2013, the Shanghai 14th Municipal Commission passed the Shanghai Underground Space Planning Regulations, which will be implemented from April 1, 2014. The Regulations signal Shanghai’s intention to carry o... Read article

Ningbo City, China Proposes to Build Wetland Eco-Park in Industrial Zone

by Jue Wang

Zhenhai District, the primary chemical industrial zone in Ningbo City and Zhejiang Province, has proposed to build a two-square-kilometer wetland Eco-Park. Among its 246 square kilometers of land in the Zhenhai District,... Read article

A Historical Chinese Industrial Building's Fate Left to Government Hands

by Jue Wang

As the rate of industrialization and urbanization accelerates in China, more and more factories are becoming deserted. Preserving and developing industrial cultural heritage has become an issue that gathers the public’s ... Read article

Xiamen Encourages Public Participation in the Planning Process

by Jue Wang

On December 26th 2013, Xiamen Planning Department director Zhao Yanjing held a press conference to discuss the public participation initiatives that the planning department would carry out in the city’s future planning p... Read article

Environmental Protection Policies in China Need Stricter Implementation

by Jue Wang

In the first half of December 2013, a large-scale-smog occurred in eastern China, which affected twenty-five provinces and more than 100 cities. Data from a popular online shopping website shows that in 2013, customers... Read article

Shanghai's Fallen Leaves Pose a Tourist Attraction

by Jue Wang

In December 2013, on Wukang Road and Yuqing Road in Shanghai, residents experienced an autumn street scene with fallen leaves. Since these experimental street scenes were implemented, many photographers and tourists have... Read article

Planning Decision-Making in China Calls for More Accountability

by Jue Wang

Recent incidents of shifting plans without notifying residents have triggered the Chinese society’s attention on planning issues. For example, a proposed apartment building plan was changed to a gas station in Zhuzhou, a... Read article

Shrinking the Gap Between China’s First-Tier Cities and Other Cities

by Jue Wang

On December 18, 2013, Yi Peng, Director of the International Financial Seminar Urbanization Research Center hosted an online webinar to answer questions about China’s urbanization policies. During the webinar, Yi Peng po... Read article

Civic Participation in Jinan, China’s Historic Preservation

by Jue Wang

A couple weeks ago, a series of photos were posted online that showed some historic buildings in the city of Jinan were under threat of demolition as a result of a construction site. The photos attracted a lot of comme... Read article

Beijing Proposes to Increase Subway Ticket Price

by Jue Wang

Recently, the Beijing municipal government announced that its subway system would charge higher prices during peak hours. This policy will mark the end of a ¥2 (yuan) per day flat rate. 60% of Internet users were against... Read article

Soaring Skyscrapers: Local Governments Have Fallen Into Height Worshipping Trap

by Jue Wang

Starting from the first skyscraper in Shanghai Lujiazui to the Broad Group high profile announcement of the world's tallest building - Changsha ‘Sky City’ plan, there has been increasingly dense concrete jungle growth du... Read article

Integrating Western China’s Urbanization with the New Silk Road

by Jue Wang

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently published the Western China Development Report, which shows that the urbanization rate in Western China reached 44.93% in year 2012, compared to 60% in the Eastern China. The c... Read article

Guangdong Province Sets up Ecological Control Boundary to Tackle Sprawl

by Jue Wang

On November 27, 2013 the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held a training workshop on “Greenway Construction Management and Ecological Control Line Delineation.” The workshop aimed t... Read article

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