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Jordan Rockerbie

Jordan Rockerbie: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

by Jordan Rockerbie

June 2012 will forever hold a fond place in my heart, as it signalled the beginning of so many great things. In June I received my degree from the University of British Columbia, embarked on my first full summer in Can... Read article

Nailing the Basics: Five Ways Elton Consulting Demonstrates How to Do a Website Right

by Jordan Rockerbie

While I don’t have a background in design, I know a good website when I see one. Elton Consulting Group is a planning firm with three offices in Australia. In addition to consulting services, Elton Consulting Group oper... Read article

Infrastructure Projects Big and Small Make Cycling Safer in Kelowna, Canada

by Jordan Rockerbie

For a city of nearly 180,000, Kelowna, Canada boasts one of the most extensive bike networks in the country. Spread across the city are over 300 kilometres of bike lanes, multi-use paths, and greenways. Infrastructure pr... Read article

Kelowna Mountain: Successfully Putting the Cart Before the Horse, But Not Without Controversy

by Jordan Rockerbie

Most successful developments follow a straightforward cascade of events: the developer puts a plan in front of a city’s urban planners, the concerned parties haggle over proposed amenities, variances, infrastructure and ... Read article

Renovating the Waterfront: Kelowna, Canada’s Downtown Parks Plan

by Jordan Rockerbie

As a waterfront city, Kelowna, Canada is heavily reliant on its shoreline. Okanagan Lake provides many things for the city, though the limited points of access pose a complex question when it comes to the provision of ... Read article

Planning for Pedestrians: How and Why We Should Put People Before Vehicles

by Jordan Rockerbie

If there’s one thing The Grid’s bloggers are passionate about, it’s putting people back into the urban equation. One example of this ideology is the push for pedestrian-friendly communities. We have explored car-free tow... Read article

Kelowna’s Rails With Trails Active Transportation Project Stopped in its Tracks

by Jordan Rockerbie

As people continue to flock to cities, urban planners and property developers are increasingly pressed to come up with novel land use solutions to everyday problems. One problem that affects nearly every aspect of city ... Read article

Master Planning for a LEED Certified Neighbourhood in Kelowna, Canada

by Jordan Rockerbie

The site of the former Kelowna High School sits vacant only blocks from the downtown waterfront. The city of Kelowna, Canada, has grandiose plans for this piece of property: a mixed-use neighbourhood anchored by a la... Read article

Tending the Urban Forest in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada

by Jordan Rockerbie

On opposite sides of the country are two of Canada’s iconic cities: Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario. In this age of green building practices and sustainable development, both cities are pushing forward t... Read article

Xeriscaping and Landscape Design Challenges in Canada's Desert

by Jordan Rockerbie

Canada is often imagined as a country of towering mountains, vast prairies, frozen lakes, and lush forests. However, tucked between two mountain ranges is the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, a semi-arid swath of lan... Read article

Is Human Scale Important to Cities Without Skyscrapers?

by Jordan Rockerbie

Cities are built for a variety of reasons, but are ultimately places for people to live, work, and play. As such, architects and urban planners need to keep in mind the concept of human scale, or designing buildings and ... Read article

Smart Growth Incorporated in Rutland Town Centre’s Community Plan: Kelowna, Canada

by Jordan Rockerbie

With one of the fastest growing populations in Canada, Kelowna has been investing considerable time and effort into long-range planning. The city’s most recent Official Community Plan (OCP), revised in 2011, imagines Kel... Read article

What is the Purpose of a Park?: Mission Creek Regional Park, Kelowna, Canada

by Jordan Rockerbie

Summer has arrived in Canada’s Okanagan valley, and with the warmer weather, people are venturing outside to enjoy the many parks in Kelowna. Among these is Mission Creek Regional Park and Greenway, arguably the most ... Read article

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