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Jordan Meerdink

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A Farewell from Jordan Meerdink

by Jordan Meerdink

From a simple submissions post on my college jobs board, I began my writing internship for Global Site Plans in May 2011. As an undergrad I had dipped my feet in creative writing, authoring several articles for student ... Read article

Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative: Creative Design In a Shrinking City

by Jordan Meerdink

It has been argued the cities in the Midwest are on the “decline.” Populations in urban centers like Detroit, Buffalo, and Cleveland are shrinking as old infrastructure decays. However, the newly relocated Cleveland U... Read article

Public Square Group: Integrating Skate Parks Into the Urban Fabric of Cleveland, Ohio

by Jordan Meerdink

Skateboarding is legally recognized as a “hazardous recreational activity.” While this categorization seems dour it is actually an interesting bit of legalese that enables cities to construct skate parks without fearing ... Read article

Experiments in Web Based Crowdsourcing and Open-Source for Urban Planning

by Jordan Meerdink

What is crowdsourcing? For those uninitiated, the term essentially means problems or queries are broadcast publicly and everyone is invited to respond with solutions or ideas. Crowdsourcing itself is not a new concep... Read article

West Side Market: The Historic Heart and Soul of Cleveland, Ohio

by Jordan Meerdink

As cities grow and change over time, cultural icons sometimes fall victim to the march of “progress.” However, one of Cleveland's most iconic structures, the West Side Market, has remained proudly on the corner of Lora... Read article

Coop Himmelblau's Art Museum in Akron, Ohio

by Jordan Meerdink

Where would GSP readers assume influential Austrian architecture firm Coop Himmelblau would execute its first American project? Not quite New York or Los Angeles, Akron, a rust belt city in Ohio, is the unlikely ho... Read article

Developing the Waterfront: Cleveland, Ohio Shoreline Development Plan

by Jordan Meerdink

A new urban planning and development scheme is being implemented in Cleveland, Ohio that will dramatically change the look and accessibility of the city's underutilized waterfront. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, ... Read article

Uniting A Fractured Campus: The Tinkham Veale University Center in Cleveland, Ohio

by Jordan Meerdink

Since its inception in 1967, out of the merger between Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio has struggled to pull together a unified campus... Read article

Modernism Stands Out In Cleveland, Ohio: The Peter B. Lewis Building

by Jordan Meerdink

In 1999, famed deconstructive architect Frank Gehry broke ground on the newest addition to the Case Western Reserve University campus in Cleveland, Ohio. The Peter B. Lewis Building for the Weatherhead School of Manageme... Read article

“Ghost” Subway Stations: From Berlin, Germany and New York City, New York

by Jordan Meerdink

In Germany, during the cold war, the concept of the “ghost” station developed as a solution to a curious urban planning quagmire. As travel with Berlin became more restricted, the combined Berlin subway lines, referred t... Read article

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute: A Look Into Our Sustainable Future

by Jordan Meerdink

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute (PMI) should spark the interest of  Global Site Plans readers interested in all aspects of sustainable living. Essentially, PMI operates as a working  laboratory where new theories and ide... Read article

Artisan Carpentry: The Timber Framers Guild Eastern Conference 2012

by Jordan Meerdink

This May 2012, craftsmen from across the United States and Canada will descend on Port Townsend, Washington to discuss a building tradition developed in the 12th century, timber frame construction. The first questio... Read article

Rust Belt Real Estate: Re-imagining Post Industrial Cities

by Jordan Meerdink

While at one time it was counted among the most productive manufacturing areas in the world, the area of former heavy manufacturing bordering the Great Lakes, known as The Rust Belt, has suffered from decaying industry ... Read article

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