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Jonathan Knight

Farewell to The Grid from Jonathan Knight: Denver, Colorado

by Jonathan Knight

It’s amazing how much you can learn about a city like Denver, Colorado once you start writing about it. My internship at The Grid exposed me to a variety of community projects or urban planning trends in Denver I had ... Read article

B-Cycle® Denver: The Bike Sharing Start-Up is Changing Commuting in Denver

by Jonathan Knight

In previous articles, I have discussed Denver’s attempts to expand transportation alternatives and curb its air pollution problems by expanding light-rail and create a wider portfolio of sustainable transportation choice... Read article

Are Homeless Ruining I.M. Pei’s 16th Street Mall in Denver?

by Jonathan Knight

Can homeless ruin good urban planning? Do you find New York City’s midtown section just a little less enjoyable because of the homeless population? Think of your favorite area in your favorite city: Was there a significa... Read article

Denver Asks its Citizens to "Stop Being an SOV"

by Jonathan Knight

Do you walk to work? No? I’m not surprised.  The State of Colorado is known as the healthiest states in the country and the City of Denver its densest, most urban place to work. So, how many people are walking to work... Read article

Denver's Young Professionals Suffer in Affordable Housing Crisis

by Jonathan Knight

Congratulations! You just landed your dream entry-level urban planning job in your dream city of Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, you may go broke trying to find a rental apartment. When I accepted my position in the pl... Read article

“Tactical Urbanism” Implemented by the Planning Department in Denver, Colorado

by Jonathan Knight

It sounds more like a military exercise than something urban planners and urban planning aficionados can learn about. In reality, tactical urbanism is a grassroots movement for citizens to make changes in their community... Read article

How Smog is Destroying Denver’s Rocky Mountain Views

by Jonathan Knight

The Denver metro area is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is known across the world for its incredible opportunities to hike, climb, bike, fish, ski, snowboard, you name it - if it’s outdoors, Colorado is a g... Read article

Redeveloped Denver Union Station Shows Priority for Regional Transportation

by Jonathan Knight

The historic Denver Union Station is getting a makeover to the tune of $900 million. The plan is to turn one of Denver’s most prominent, yet underutilized historic structures, into the anchor of the Denver region’s expan... Read article

Stapleton, Denver: Living up to its New Urbanism Promise?

by Jonathan Knight

Stapleton, Denver is a New Urbanism development on the site of former Stapleton International Airport, which closed in 1995. The former airport sat on 4,700 acres located about ten minutes east from Downtown Denver. Stap... Read article

Can Denver’s Ambitious Light-Rail Plan Meet its 2018 Completion Deadline?

by Jonathan Knight

In 1993, Denver, Colorado did not have a single light-rail line in its metro area. By October 1994, it had a 5.3-mile track operating on what is now the D line - Denver’s first light-rail line. In 2004, Denver voters ap... Read article

Why Grandma is Moving to Denver, Not Miami

by Jonathan Knight

Denver has the longest winter of any of the U.S. cities, averaging over fifty inches of snowfall per year, and has an average annual temperature more than twenty-five degrees lower than Miami, Florida. So why is grandma ... Read article

Is Legal Marijuana a Problem for Urban Planners?

by Jonathan Knight

On November 6th, 2012, the state of Colorado became one of just two U.S. states to legalize the recreational sale of marijuana with the passing of Amendment 64. The first stores to sell marijuana legally officially opene... Read article

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