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Jennifer Garcia

Revive Traditional Architecture: A Book Review of "The Architecture of Community"

by Jennifer Garcia

Traditional architecture steps out of the shadows of history to challenge today’s results of the modern building process. While critics may find a lot to disagree with in this book, Léon Krier presents a comprehensive tr... Read article

Abracadabra: A Book Review of Kunstler's "Too Much Magic"

by Jennifer Garcia

Have people begun to believe that technology can solve all the world’s problems? Author James Howard Kunstler makes this convincing argument in his newest book Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate o... Read article

Growing a Garden City: A Book Review on Duany’s Agrarian Urbanism

by Jennifer Garcia

Is agriculture the new golf? Former skeptic Andres Duany says it very well could be. I was fortunate enough to hear Duany speak on his book, "Garden Cities: Theory & Practice of Agrarian Urbanism." As usual, he didn'... Read article

How Cities Come Alive: A Book Review of "Life Between Buildings"

by Jennifer Garcia

People and buildings are connected – they have been and will continue to be so. Life Between Buildings: Using Public Space is a classic that applies substance and quantitative research to the field of urban planning. Jan... Read article

New and Improved: A Book Review for Charter of the New Urbanism, 2nd Edition

by Jennifer Garcia

It might have been 14 years, but we have a Charter Book back in print again. The Congress for the New Urbanism has updated the classic book, long out of print, based on the CNU Charter that was signed in 1996. The Charte... Read article

Planning Steps into the Spotlight: Walkable City Book Review

by Jennifer Garcia

If you’re a planner and have tried to explain to everyday folks the importance of good planning, then you know it can be a difficult topic to interest them. Most either find the planning profession to be too regulatory... Read article

Transforming Miami: One Ride at a Time

by Jennifer Garcia

Though ranked among the least bike-friendly cities in the country, Miami is improving. With a Bicycle Master Plan, education initiatives, greenways and bike lanes installations, and Bike/Walk city events, improvements ar... Read article

Restless or Multitalented: A Book Review of Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted

by Jennifer Garcia

Walking into Central Park, one admires the beauty, serenity, and incredible vistas this safe haven offers its visitors. It is one of those rare places where the natural and built environments harmonize as an oasis in the... Read article

The Magic City’s Three-Year Transformation

by Jennifer Garcia

Miami has found its magic again. With the approval of Miami 21 in 2009, it accomplished an unprecedented feat and became the first major city to adopt a form-based code. With the motto, Your city, Your plan, Miami’s expe... Read article

Successful Storefronts in South Florida

by Jennifer Garcia

Window shopping is a popular pastime - but have you ever noticed that some storefronts are simply better for on-foot shopping than others? While conventional retail has given higher priority to faster-moving automobil... Read article

Unlocking Value in Miami, Florida

by Jennifer Garcia

Miami 21, meant to encourage walkable development and non car-dependent lifestyles, brings new idea testing to places like Midtown Miami. As the economy recovers, this form-based zoning code creates redevelopment oppo... Read article

Miami's Missing Middle

by Jennifer Garcia

Miami is a melting pot not only of cultures, ethnicities, and cuisine, but also of students, professionals, couples, families, retirees, and tourists. However, contemporary housing fails to represent this diverse popu... Read article

Three S’s to a Sustainable Structure in South Florida

by Jennifer Garcia

The housing industry is rekindling in Florida, giving us the opportunity to re-evaluate our approach to modern housing. Recent technology has brought numerous advances; however, the wisdom and building techniques that on... Read article

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