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Jeff Jilek

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Plasma Converter: Turning Landfills into Usable Oil

by Jeff Jilek

Trash that cannot be recycled always ends up in a pile. Then, it decomposes very slowly until it finally turns to soil. Under natural circumstances, however, this takes far too long. The range of biodegradation is 4 week... Read article

How the Fission-Fusion Loop Can Eliminate Nuclear Waste

by Jeff Jilek

It’s true. Nuclear fission is a lucrative power source and nuclear reactions can be quite dangerous. Nuclear fission is a lucrative power source in two ways: 1 kg of Uranium-235 is capable of producing 20 million ... Read article

Lightning: The Limitless Power Source

by Jeff Jilek

Ever since I learned about sustainable design, I was hooked. There was something about a balanced system that got me. Zero waste, renewable goods, services, synergy, etc. was all very neat to me. For me, no facet of sust... Read article

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