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Unique Engineering Business Cards that Wow

by Jeff Jilek

All businesses aim to make a lasting impression. Engineering firms are no exception, although a creative business card is rare in this field. This is a business card for the Canadian firm, Helix. As you can see, it see... Read article

The Benefits of the Tempe, Arizona Light Rail System

by Jeff Jilek

I have recently moved from Columbus, Ohio - a city with no form of light rail - to Tempe, Arizona for Graduate School in Architecture and Business. There are three striking differences between Columbus and Tempe. Fir... Read article

The Foldable House Saves Space

by Jeff Jilek

Houses are space consuming by nature. An average house in the United States is 2,700 square feet. Assuming there are 131,704,730 houses in the nation, a total of 355,602,771,000 square feet (12,755 square miles, appox. 1... Read article

The Importance of Branding Yourself in the Digital Age

by Jeff Jilek

As of October 31, 2011, we are living in a world of 7 billion people. The working population is around half of that. So, theoretically there are somewhere around 3.5 billion people looking for employment. These people al... Read article

Eye-Catching Urban Design Business Cards

by Jeff Jilek

Related to my previous article on Unique Architecture Business Card Designs, this article explores eye-catching Urban Design Business Cards. No matter what specialization someone has acquired in life, it is paramount to ... Read article

Unique Architectural Business Card Designs

by Jeff Jilek

Branding is important in any field, and architecture is no exception. It is important that one informs as many people as possible their ability; and that it is of a higher quality than that of their competitors. Ther... Read article

The Columbus Racetrack: An Interview with Trek Micacchione

by Jeff Jilek

A new racetrack will be located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. However, in order for this to happen the district will be rezoned. The proposed site lies at the old Cooper Stadium within the historic Franklinton neighbor... Read article

The Automobile: The Real Cost of Subsidizations

by Jeff Jilek

The stereoypical American Dream has several different facets: a detached suburban home, white picket fence, a car, a dog, et cetera. A car is a very important piece of the puzzle and the major contributor to rush hour tr... Read article

Adapting to Our Water Future: Arizona State University Town Hall Meeting

by Jeff Jilek

Arizona is very hot; a state dominated by a desert climate. Therefore, water is one of the most prevalent topics of the state. It also has a very strong sustainability department offering a valued undergraduate degree. A... Read article

How You Can Live Without Paying a Utility Bill

by Jeff Jilek

The average monthly residential utility bill in America is $104.52. Per year, this is $1,254.24 per residence. For the country (approx. 125 million), this adds up to $156,780,000,000. This is the amount that could be sav... Read article

How To Redevelop American Cities: Ideas from Garden City Theory

by Jeff Jilek

The following is a critique on the design of the American city. The proposal is not an end in itself but rather a type of skeleton to allow the rest of society to grow upon. It draws some ideas from Garden City theory in... Read article

How to Increase Rail and Train Use: Restructuring United States Transportation

by Jeff Jilek

Ever since the United States gave the bulk of their transportation duties to the highway system, with heavy subsidies, rail transportation has become comparatively expensive. For all others uses, besides long distance in... Read article

Resource Scarcity and War: How They Relate

by Jeff Jilek

Why do wars happen? War takes place and can happen for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons may include - search for state power like in the case of WWI and WWII, religious differences (Roman Crusades, Inquisition, I... Read article

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