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Hyperloop One Expands Economic Opportunities Within the Rust Belt, and Beyond

by Jeff Jilek

A Hyperloop route running from Chicago, Illinois to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of a few possible routes chosen as a finalist by Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One. Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Columbus, Ohio will be ma... Read article

Farewell from Jeff Jilek: The Grid and Beyond

by Jeff Jilek

I have been a writer for The Grid for over a year and this will be my last writing. I am grateful to Renee Van Staveren, Global Site Plans, and The Grid staff for this opportunity. A lot has been learned through my o... Read article

Climbing the Camel’s Back in Arizona

by Jeff Jilek

Camelback Mountain is one of the many mountain ranges surrounding what Arizonians call “the valley”. The Valley is a flat area of Arizona desert that is home to 4 million of the state’s 6 million inhabitants. The valley ... Read article

Best Uses of Social Media for Government Agencies and Urban Planners

by Jeff Jilek

There is no denying it, we are in the facebook era. With over 900 million users, the public has never been more exposed and globally connected. One reading this may agree, but likely conclude, that the banter on Face... Read article

Water in Tempe, Arizona: Colorado River Sourced

by Jeff Jilek

In a desert climate, such as Tempe, Arizona, rain is sparse. At only 4.5 inches per year, it is a very dry place. The city gets water, nevertheless, as is demonstrated by the unusual amount of lawn-grown grass surroundin... Read article

Tempe, Arizona: A Culture of Sun

by Jeff Jilek

Tempe averages 211 days of sun every year. In addition, the city is only a 2-hour drive away from Mexico. This makes for a very warm, very bright place. It seems to never rain. Since I arrived 10 months ago, it has only ... Read article

The Mountains That Form The Valley: Landmark, Recreation, and Identity

by Jeff Jilek

Being a current grad student at Arizona State and having an undergraduate history at Ohio State, I can say that I know both these university cities quite well. There are many differences between Tempe, Arizona and Columb... Read article

Free Buses in Tempe, Arizona: The Orbit Bus System

by Jeff Jilek

The Tempe, Arizona Orbit Bus System is a thorough system that connects most areas of Tempe. It is very efficient, and it is completely free to ride. Currently, I have a car but opt to take the bus because it is quick... Read article

Efficiency of Solar Panel’s in Arizona’s Deserts

by Jeff Jilek

Tempe, Arizona gets 211 sunny days every year. Arizona is 113,990 sq mi. The sun emits 12.2 trillion watt-hours per square mile per year of solar energy. So, the total solar energy possibly gained in Arizona is 1,390,678... Read article

Edward Mazria’s Architecture 2030 and It’s Legacy: The Building Sector

by Jeff Jilek

Edward Mazria proposed a challenge to be carbon neutral by 2030. Since buildings are the major source of pollution, then necessarily they are the solution. In his own words; The Problem: The Building Sector, The Solu... Read article

Arizona State University’s Big Move to Solar Power Using Solar Power Purchasing Agreements

by Jeff Jilek

Since ASU is in a desert environment that gets over 300 days of sun per year, it has made large strides in utilizing solar energy. Of course, the upfront cost of panels can be quite a burden. In comes the ingenious s... Read article

Pre-Fabrication: The Clean Way to Mass Produce

by Jeff Jilek

The Industrial Revolution was a time of great social, economic and political upheaval. It was a time of mass production, of transforming the manufacturing process into a repetitious system. Never before had the process b... Read article

Exceptional Landscape Architecture Business Card Designs

by Jeff Jilek

Who wouldn’t want a landscape architect to give them a business card full of seeds? Lush gives their clients free seeds with every business card! In this way, the card serves multiple purposes. One is branding, and anoth... Read article

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