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Jade Clayton

Farewell to The Grid from Jade Clayton in Baltimore, Maryland

by Jade Clayton

A lot has changed since I first joined The Grid’s blogging community 24 blog posts ago. Blogging about urban planning in Baltimore gave me the opportunity to get to know the city I’d lived just north of while attending... Read article

Three Ways Baltimore City, Maryland Suffers from Parking Woes

by Jade Clayton

Good urban planning requires forward thinking as well as learning from past successes and failures. Urban planning ideals are steadily evolving, and past practices have created dicey results that today’s planners are... Read article

Baltimore, Maryland's Transportation Options Minimizes School Choice Opportunities

by Jade Clayton

Baltimore City, Maryland’s school-age population is roughly 90,000, with about 185 public or charter schools that enroll based on neighborhood, academic criteria, school choice, lottery, or specialization. The mix of... Read article

Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay to Benefit from Stormwater Management Fees

by Jade Clayton

Maryland’s recent election has disrupted the state’s longstanding political paradigm by electing a new governor, Larry Hogan. Hogan promised to repeal a 2012 law that aimed to increase funding for the state’s stormwa... Read article

Trial and Error of CSAs and Farm Co-Ops is About to Pay Off in Baltimore City

by Jade Clayton

The United States has lost over four million farms since 1930, which was around the time the economics and sustainability of farming was changed by factory farming and other challenges. Baltimore County has lost nearly 1... Read article

When Will Baltimore City’s Water Wheel Be Shut Down?

by Jade Clayton

Baltimore City’s newest Water Wheel has received a lot of positive attention in recent months, but it is just one solution to the Inner Harbor’s serious trash problem. A two-minute video from Healthy Harbors shows hu... Read article

Guerilla Planning in Baltimore City Creates a Mix of Inclusive and Exclusive Spaces

by Jade Clayton

In 2012, Baltimore City’s population grew for the first time in over six decades only to face a disappointing decline in population in 2013. The residents who remain are not blind to the city’s flaws, but choose to work ... Read article

Transportation Options Underserving Residents in Towson, Maryland

by Jade Clayton

Towson, Maryland is an urban-adjacent town just north of Baltimore City, with a mix of young families, retirees, and young professionals and a growing population of college students. As of 2014, Towson University’s under... Read article

Grants to Aid Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Goal: Swimmable & Fishable by 2020

by Jade Clayton

As a major port city, Baltimore’s history with industrial activity influenced how the city’s land has been zoned and developed over time. The resulting design, infrastructure, and zoning of Baltimore’s neighborhoods has ... Read article

Wise or Not, Canton Crossing Brings the Suburbs to Baltimore City, Maryland

by Jade Clayton

If you had never been to Baltimore City and I blindfolded you and dropped you off at the shops at Canton Crossing, upon taking off the blindfold you would rightfully assume that you were in a suburb far, far away. An asp... Read article

How Does Moving a Prison Complex Support Development in Baltimore City?

by Jade Clayton

Earlier this year, Jeff La Noue authored a blog post supporting the idea that moving Baltimore City’s prison complex would improve the area’s aesthetics and thus promote development in adjacent neighborhoods. La Noue sta... Read article

Has MARC Weekend Train Service Benefited the Baltimore Region?

by Jade Clayton

The Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) train service has long served commuters in central Maryland. Before last year, MARC trains along the Penn Line ran exclusively on weekdays to serve commuters working traditional... Read article

Can The City Of Baltimore, Maryland Use Tech Hacks To Solve Community Issues?

by Jade Clayton

In the last two years, the City of Baltimore has made progress improving access to City services through the use of technology, specifically with web and mobile applications. At the epicenter of this progress has been th... Read article

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