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Iva Boishin

Construction of France's Douvres-la-Délivrande EcoDistrict Will Begin Under Indebted Government

by Iva Boishin

Construction, debts, taxes, new municipality, projects… Thierry Lefort, mayor of Douvres-la-Délivrande in the west of France, talks about the construction projects and expenses that will occur in 2016:Q: What are... Read article

Waterfront Redevelopment Sought at Cannes Marchandises in La Bocca, France

by Iva Boishin

The Cannes Town Hall and Sncf Real Estate have signed an agreement for an urban development project for 23 hectares (57 acres) on the edge of the Mediterranean at the site of “Cannes Marchandises,” the Cannes train s... Read article

Paris, France's Institut Mines-Télécom Spurs Smart City Innovations

by Iva Boishin

With the first Entrepreneurial Challenge of the Institut Mines-Télécom, the engineering students of the Mines and Télécom schools work to create the smart city of tomorrow: Carte blanche in technological innovation. ... Read article

In the Wake of Demolition, New Construction Ecodistricts Expand in Lyon, France

by Iva Boishin

Twenty-eight megacities with more than 10 million residents, according to the United Nations. A number that has tripled since 1990 and will continue to inflate; in 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in cit... Read article

COP21 Spurs France's EcoDistrict Developments, But Lacks Neighborhood Connectivity

by Iva Boishin

Several inaugurations of ecodistricts took place in France recently. With the COP21 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change), the French wanted to lead by example. But to prove their genuine effectiveness, these... Read article

Mange-Trottoir Vegetable Planters Reclaim Public Space in Montreal, Canada

by Iva Boishin

Community developments that aim to reclaim public spaces for urban agriculture are becoming more numerous in Montreal, Canada. The projects selected from the latest edition of the Transform Your City program from the... Read article

Smartseille EcoDistrict Coming to Marseille, France in 2016

by Iva Boishin

Currently under construction, the new ecodistrict in Marseille, France could easily become an example for the sustainable redevelopment of Mediterranean cities.Will Marseille become a model metropolis for sustainable... Read article

Petits-Moulins' Ecodistrict in Oye-Plage, France Provides Provisional Parking During Construction

by Iva Boishin

The Porte-des-Petits-Moulins Ecodistrict, in the north of France, has been on the table since 2009. Located at the west entrance of the municipality, it is planned as an environmentally friendly space: bicycles and p... Read article

Paris, France's First EcoDistrict Launched at the Old Rungis Train Station

by Iva Boishin

At the location of the old Rungis Train Station, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, France, the Semapa erected the first ecodistrict of the capital. It includes clean transportation, rainwater collection machines, sust... Read article

Paris, France's New School for Urban Policy Wants to Reinvent Cities

by Iva Boishin

Sciences Po, in Paris, France, is creating the School of Urban Policy to educate those who will manage and shape the city, thus becoming a major player in the renewal of the collective intervention of cities.One Ambi... Read article

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