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Greg Shermeto

A Farewell to The Grid, from Greg Shermeto in Pittsburgh

by Greg Shermeto

Looking back on my time spent writing for The Grid, I've realized that I have learned much more about my city than I ever could have imagined. The city of Pittsburgh is full of wonderful forms of urban design, includi... Read article

Station Square: From Train Depot to Tourism Hotspot

by Greg Shermeto

Station Square has had a storied history in the city of Pittsburgh for over 100 years. The 52-acre site was originally the location of the Pittsburgh train terminal, which was the central station of the Pittsburgh and ... Read article

Pittsburgh Leading the Way in Historic Preservation

by Greg Shermeto

Since the 1960's, the city of Pittsburgh has been one of the largest centers for historic preservation in any city in America. The Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation was created in 1964 and has awarded over 5... Read article

Pittsburgh's Venues Help Bring in Tourism

by Greg Shermeto

The city of Pittsburgh is known for having some of the best stadiums and arenas across the United States. With over a dozen total venues, Pittsburgh brings in thousands of people a year for concerts and sports events... Read article

Pittsburgh’s Public Transit System Expands City's Limits

by Greg Shermeto

As with most large metropolitan areas, public transit is a key component of the city of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh transit system, known as Port Authority, is one of the largest in America. They run over 500 urban bu... Read article

Draining the Earth: Natural Gas Drilling an Issue for Pittsburgh

by Greg Shermeto

Currently one of the largest environmental issues in the United States is the debate on drilling for Natural Gas. This debate has hit close to home as well, as the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area sits along... Read article

Pittsburgh Remains Front-Runner of LEED Technology

by Greg Shermeto

The city of Pittsburgh has been a front-runner of LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, since the program’s inception back in 1998. The LEED system helps to rank green buildings in the terms of their ... Read article

The Rebirth of Pittsburgh's Strip District

by Greg Shermeto

While many of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods have seen major renovations in the last fifty years, none have gone through such an extreme change as the Strip District. Getting its name from its location, being a small, half... Read article

Pittsburgh Park Conservancy Preserving 1,700+ Acres of Pittsburgh's Green Spaces

by Greg Shermeto

Although heralded as a major urban city, Pittsburgh is also known for its large urban parks and green spaces. These spaces have helped brighten the steel city into a scenic and beautiful metropolis which is begging to ... Read article

The Prominence of Pittsburgh’s Bridges

by Greg Shermeto

Pittsburgh has always been known for being a city located along three rivers, but being able to maneuver an expanding city along these rivers means a need for transit over such obstacles. The large amount of bridges li... Read article

Biking the Three Rivers: Pittsburgh's Unique Cycling Experience

by Greg Shermeto

With the increase of non-motorized transit occurring in almost every major urban centre, cycling in the Steel City is becoming increasingly commonplace. Whether it's for leisure or out of necessity, the citizens of Pit... Read article

The Almono Site: From Brownfield to Bright Future

by Greg Shermeto

On the outskirts of Pittsburgh’s city limits sits an old, abandoned steel mill. Rusting away and taking up space on a majestic hillside along the banks of the Monongahela River, the former J&L Steel site is 178 acr... Read article

PlanPGH and the Evolution of Pittsburgh

by Greg Shermeto

As with many major cities across the world, Pittsburgh is looking to the future with a new comprehensive master plan, which is currently being implemented throughout the city. PlanPGH is a multi-component program to he... Read article

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