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Elle Huang

The "Kissing Tower" of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, China

by Elle Huang

The "Kissing Tower," designed by the British studio Weston Williamson consists of three taper-shaped towers. The towers touch starting from the 21st till the 25th floor, as if they were kissing each other. The touchi... Read article

Binhai Theme Park to Build World-Class Military Cultural Experience in Tinanjin, China

by Elle Huang

According to the Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park (in Tianjin City, China), the reparation project of the destroyers and submarines dock has been completed. A carrier battle group is expected to be composed... Read article

Wenzhou, China Builds Asia's Largest Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

by Elle Huang

What should a sewage treatment plant be like? A criss-cross of pipelines, large pools and pungent smells? The Wenzhou plant will then subvert your imagination. According to the plan, once the plant is completed, the ... Read article

The "Charming Curve" Harbin Opera House Named The Best Building of the Year

by Elle Huang

The Harbin Opera House is a landmark building in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. The building has an external envelope made of a steel structure modeled in an irregular hyperbolic shape. The Harbin Opera House includes ... Read article

Beijing Universal Theme Park Subway Station Calls for Tenders Worldwide

by Elle Huang

The Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation recently placed an international call for tenders for the subway station serving the future Universal theme Park on its official website. The Universal Theme Pa... Read article

Over 400 Beijing Parks Face New Classification and Graded Evaluation Management Program

by Elle Huang

Beginning this year, more than 400 registered parks in Beijing will apply the newly launched classification and grading management program. Different types of parks will have different evaluation criteria. The evalua... Read article

Beijing's Fitness for All Regulations Expand Fitness Access through Tiered (& Free) Pricing

by Elle Huang

In order to create a next-door "public track and field," Beijing aims to build a 30 km (18.64 miles) plastic outdoor recreation fitness trail in the parks, fitness squares, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Creating... Read article

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Invests to Build Yangtze River Eco Museum

by Elle Huang

In March 2015, Haichang Ocean Park Holdings (02255.HK) disclosed the latest developments of its world-class project Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean Park (SHPOP) located in Lingang, Pudong. This disclosure was timed to ... Read article

Beijing Spent the Past 60 Years on Afforestation: Where are the Results?

by Elle Huang

By the end of 2015 the Beijing metro area’s total green coverage rate had reached 59%, the forest coverage rate reached 41.6%, and the urban green coverage rate reached 48%. If you had the chance to gaze over the cit... Read article

MVRDV's M-Cube Shopping Center Opening in Beijing

by Elle Huang

MVRDV, a Rotterdam architecture firm, designs large but fantastic buildings such as the Rotterdam indoor market Markthal. Their design of a clubhouse at an Amsterdam tennis club last year was equally impressive. This... Read article

Largest Architectural Complex in China's Pearl River Delta Revealed

by Elle Huang

PLP Architecture recently released their large architectural design in the core area of Pearl River Delta in China. Their design includes a contemporary art platform, a tower in the Lychee Park, a square and the Nexu... Read article

Shanghai Wins First Place in 2016 China Green Building City Ranking

by Elle Huang

Shanghai won first place in the 2016 China Top Ten Green Building Cities ranking, with 38 three-star, 64 two-star and 18 one-star green building design evaluation labels. Beijing followed second, and Shenzhen third. ... Read article

Fujian Wuhushan National Forest Park Master Plan Expects a One Billion Yuan Investment  

by Elle Huang

The Fujian Provincial Forestry Department approved the Fujian Wuhushan National Forest Park Master Plan in the experts' review meeting held in Fuzhou City, Fujian, China. In July 2014, the Wuhushan Mountain was desig... Read article

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