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Dan Malo

Danger Reaching the Pastoral: Northeastern Connecticut's Olmsted Opportunities

by Dan Malo

A regular theme throughout Northeastern Connecticut’s parks is their troublesome entry points and poor contiguity to other trail links.Entering a park from a state highway in the Quiet Corner, also known as North... Read article

University of Connecticut’s Depot Campus: UConn’s Future Gateway

by Dan Malo

A correctional facility, a mental institution, and a school for the mentally challenged. Sounds like college, right?Surprisingly enough, buildings on the University of Connecticut’s Depot Campus used to be home t... Read article

Plainfield, Connecticut's Inter Royal Mill is the Perfect Town Playground Extension?

by Dan Malo

Every town has them: warehouses, mills, and factories of some bygone industrial heyday. Years of abandonment has deteriorated their structures. Often, they are “contaminated.” Some have been met by fire. Overgrown an... Read article

Suicide 6: Hartford, Connecticut to Providence, Rhode Island’s Unfinished Interstate

by Dan Malo

In 1995, Reader’s Digest named a segment of the Connecticut’s Route 6 the second most dangerous road in the country. Before widened shoulders and turn lanes were introduced in the early 2000’s, the road was commonl... Read article

Is Momentum Building for Daylighting Park River in Hartford, Connecticut?

by Dan Malo

The Park River in Hartford, Connecticut meanders through the city, but you might never know it. Once a historically valuable and nostalgic part of Hartford (at least to Mark Twain, who lived along it), it now flows t... Read article

Two Historic Mill-Worker Housing Developments in Brooklyn, Connecticut

by Dan Malo

Over the course of the 1800's, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Amos Lockwood built a series of mills in East Brooklyn, Connecticut's "Quebec Square" neighborhood. Today, little is left of these mills; much of the complex (... Read article

Longest Footbridge East of the Mississippi: Century-Old Willimantic Footbridge

by Dan Malo

While Willimantic’s Frog Bridge might be eastern Connecticut’s most familiar bridge, there is a far more historically notable bridge close by that has provided access to Willimantic’s downtown for over a century: the... Read article

Connecticut Municipalities Mandated to Join Regional Planning Authorities

by Dan Malo

Unlike most of the United States, Connecticut has no system of county governance. While a regional, "county" government once existed (ceasing in 1960), it didn't hold much power and had very few functions. Under the ... Read article

Improving Upon the Unfinished Quinebaug River Trail in Danielson, Connecticut

by Dan Malo

The Quinebaug River Trail* in the Danielson borough of Killingly, Connecticut is a well-maintained, 9ft. wide asphalt bike path that mostly parallels the Quinebaug River. It extends southward for approximately five m... Read article

Connecticut Since the Abolition of County Government in 1959

by Dan Malo

Most of New England is made up of counties that predate the Declaration of Independence. However, these counties exist largely as geographical regions, with few reminders of their former county governments besides ol... Read article

The Costs of Not Implementing Green Logistics: A Book Review

by Dan Malo

Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics (2nd edition, Kogan Page), by Alan C. McKinnon et. al, is a 2013 publication covering the best green-practices in supply-chain management.  Lea... Read article

Aesthetic & Rural Policies of Eastern Connecticut's National Scenic Byway

by Dan Malo

The Route 169 National Scenic Byway is located in Eastern Connecticut in the Quinebaug River Valley, and features farms, orchards, and historic inns & homes along its entire length. The right-of-way has been in u... Read article

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