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Daniel Sheehan

5 Unique Urban Planning Business Card Designs

by Daniel Sheehan

It never hurts to have a good business card design. While they seem like a basic staple (and often times overlooked) of any firm, a good business card can make a break a sale for a company. Having a flashy business card ... Read article

Dan Sheehan: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

by Daniel Sheehan

It’s hard to believe all the change that has happened over the past 6-months. Way back in April 2011, mere 6-months ago, I began my pleasurable internship with Global Site Plans (GSP). In all honesty, though, I had no... Read article

How Urban Planners Use Web-Based Crowdsourcing

by Daniel Sheehan

One of the most difficult things for urban planners to do is to garner accurate and worthwhile public opinion. Coincidentally, public opinion happens to be the driving force behind the concept of “urban planning.” After ... Read article

Mass Transit and Infrastructure Funding in America: Automobile Dependency

by Daniel Sheehan

There is no arguing the fact that America has become dependent upon the automobile. Several other GRID bloggers have already discussed the repercussions of this dependency, including an article I wrote a couple of months... Read article

2012 International Conference on Design Principles and Practices: January 20-22, 2012

by Daniel Sheehan

“The business of design is in a state of flux. The roles, the tasks and the personae of designers are changing.” This is the key claim and thesis fueling the concepts behind the Sixth International Conference on Desig... Read article

Architectural Design: Avoiding “The National Automobile Slum”

by Daniel Sheehan

 In today’s urban realm, planners and architects are having problems distinguishing place from space. At first analysis, it may not seem like this is such a big deal. But in reality, argues acclaimed author James Howard ... Read article

Easton Town Centre and South Campus Gateway: Mixed-Use Developments in Columbus, Ohio

by Daniel Sheehan

One of the more popular methods of urban design that is currently being pushed upon communities by urban planners is mixed-use design. While there are plenty of risks associated with mixed-use development, primarily that... Read article

Achievable Sustainable Water Standards

by Daniel Sheehan

The most vital resource to the survival and success of any city is contingent upon easy access to clean water. Clean water allows people to live in compact areas and still enjoy high levels of health and sanitation. W... Read article

Models for Sustainable Transportation: Alternatives to the Automobile

by Daniel Sheehan

When it comes to developing more sustainable methods of transportation for Americans, there is nowhere to go, but up. Americans emit nearly 4,500 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per person, per year. This is nearly... Read article

Urban Ecotourism: An Environmentally Friendly Way to Vacation

by Daniel Sheehan

A relatively new and growing sector in the tourism industry is the concept of urban ecotourism. Until recently, ecotourism occurred exclusively in environmentally pristine and relatively untouched landscapes, such as tho... Read article

Historic Districts: Exclusiveness, Gentrification, and Unaffordability

by Daniel Sheehan

For much of recent history, Historic Districts are a much-heralded addition to any city. Some of these more notable areas include the historic districts of Greenwich Village (New York City), The Savannah Historic Dist... Read article

Defining "Urban": What Is It?

by Daniel Sheehan

For nearly a century now, urban theorists have been trying to pinpoint the specific factors that drive the formation of an “urban experience.” Perhaps one of the most basic factors in achieving a successful urban exper... Read article

The Importance of Walking to Urban Design

by Daniel Sheehan

As a general stereotype, Americans seem to have forgotten that there are other methods of transportation besides the automobile. Ever since President Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, superhighways h... Read article

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