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Dafni Dimitriadi

Athens, Greece's Hellinikon Park Poised to be the Largest Park in World

by Dafni Dimitriadi

“I can already imagine the faces of my family and friends in North Dakota when I tell them that I work in Athens. You don’t know what the word “Athens” means to an American person and how many magical things we recall. I... Read article

300 Days of Sun and Flat Terrain: What's Keeping Athens, Greece from Biking?

by Dafni Dimitriadi

The increase of cycling in a city like Athens – or for instance Milan, Paris, London, Barcelona, Bucharest and other modern cities – makes sense and has merit, as it is associated with the sustainability of the city.... Read article

The Atenistas Task Force of Athens, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

One day in the summer of 2010, on Soutsou Street in Athens, a small group of friends and acquaintances met in “Tsai” in order to discuss the idea of creating a “task group for Athens.”A group like this seems obvi... Read article

The 18 Axes of the Intervention Plan to Upgrade the Center of Athens, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

A project regarding the abandoned buildings in Athens is being conducted in the framework of the first Integrated Urban Intervention Plan for Athens by the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change and the Un... Read article

Chocolate Factory in Thessaloniki, Greece: A New Opportunity for the City?

by Dafni Dimitriadi

After many years, a private initiative in cooperation with Helexpo S.A. is trying to reinforce Thessaloniki’s position as a tourist destination. Thessaloniki has been, for years, almost fictitious as far as tourism is co... Read article

Thessaloniki, Greece's Twelve Apostles' Square is Changing

by Dafni Dimitriadi

The project had an initial budget of 937,500 Euros and an actual of 478,787 Euros, and is expected to be completed within nine months. The contract, which was signed on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, included the rehabilitati... Read article

Greek Museums Serving as Educational and Technological Catalysts

by Dafni Dimitriadi

Recently in Greece, electoral fever was at its peak and leading towards a general political upheaval; however, in The Hague, the annual conference of the European Network of Science Centers and Museums (ECSITE) occur... Read article

Greeks in Space & A Potential Space Research Center in Kalamata, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

"Greek minds at Work:" this is the new slogan that one encounters when visiting the Lambda Team’s official website. Lambda Team is a group composed of Greek scientists and students that aims at helping Greece to acqu... Read article

Countless Underutilized Buildings in Athens, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

If one marked Athens’ empty and abandoned buildings in Google Earth, they would see little black spots in extremely high density. There is a large number of “dead shells” inside the city’s structured tissue, a phenom... Read article

The Prominent Goulandris Museum Under Construction in Athens, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

Towards the end of 2016 the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vasili’s and Eliza’s Goulandri is expected to be ready on Eratosthenous Street in the Pangrati area. Work on the museum began in 2013 and aims at transforming the... Read article

Re: Think Project Partners with Municipality for Communal Composting in Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

"Take composting into your own hands! Collectively handle the organic waste!" Based on this reasoning, an interesting and pioneering initiative has taken place over the last three years in Kalamata, Greece. It is the... Read article

Children of Skopelos Island, Greece Learn About "Energy for Life"

by Dafni Dimitriadi

Shortly before nightfall, many students, parents, teachers and other citizens of Skopelos Island gathered at the courtyard of the Island’s primary school. They gathered to attend the last event of the "Energy Travels... Read article

The Waterworks Museum Finally Shines in Thessaloniki, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

With the exception of Thessaloniki’s students, who have all visited the Waterworks Museum at least once, the space remains quite unknown for the majority of citizens. Despite the fact that there are many people who h... Read article

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