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Constant Cap

Farewell to The Grid From Constant Cap in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

It’s been slightly over a year since I started writing for The Grid, and the journey has come to an end. Starting in November 2013, while a postgraduate student, I began the journey of writing 27 blogs on diverse urb... Read article

Residents' Associations Grow From the Poor Delivery of Services in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

The last two decades have seen the development and growth of the City of Nairobi at sporadic levels. The population of the city has grown from 350,000 in 1963 to 3.5 million people today. This has naturally led to ... Read article

Recognition of Slum Dwellers is Essential for Urban Development in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

Access to safe, sanitary, affordable housing and basic infrastructure is a basic human right. In colonial Africa, Africans were limited to living in segregated, poorly planned areas. After independence, in cities lik... Read article

Nairobi, Kenya Increases Polytechnic Education Opportunities for Growing Sectors

by Constant Cap

Urban poverty is a reality in developing cities. In many cities, thousands of people live on a dollar a day. Alongside this lies a challenge faced by many governments and municipalities in providing quality education for... Read article

Nairobi, Kenya Solving Traffic Congestion by Increasing Capacity?

by Constant Cap

Urban areas experience a lot of vehicular congestion and traffic jams cost us millions of dollars every day through wasted time, environmental pollution, and increased stress. The City of Nairobi is no exception and ... Read article

In Kenya, Nairobi National Park Faces Development Encroachment

by Constant Cap

Nairobi National Park consists of 117 km2 (approximately 45 square miles) of wild flora and fauna within the city boundaries. Established in 1947, it has over a hundred mammal species including lions, leopards, hyenas an... Read article

Urban Drainage Poses A Major Development Risk in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

The City of Nairobi, Kenya lies at the border of the central highlands and the flat dry plains, composing an exceptionally interesting subtropical highland climate. This translates to two rainy seasons with an average an... Read article

Time for Nairobi, Kenya to Manage its Urban Freight or Face Transportation Woes

by Constant Cap

Population growth in cities comes with a increased demand for goods. These goods need to be transported to get to their consumers. The movement of these goods within the city is what we may call urban freight.The dev... Read article

Green Buildings Sprouting Up in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

Green buildings are at times defined as buildings that are “not as bad” or “notably better” than the average with regard to impact on the environment. More technically,  a green building is one whose construction and lif... Read article

Nairobi, Kenya's 1973 Master Plan Receives an Update

by Constant Cap

Urban planners from the County Government of Nairobi and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have produced a new Master plan called Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (NIUPLAN). This is expected t... Read article

The Development and Use of Nairobi's Urban Commuter Rail

by Constant Cap

One of the most interesting recent developments in Kenya is the budgetary allocation by the Kenyan Government for an urban commuter railway. This came under the drive to improve productivity and competitiveness through i... Read article

Persons with Disabilities Largely Ignored in African Cities

by Constant Cap

Recent up-market building construction in the City of Nairobi has made a big effort to accommodate persons with disability, the sick and the elderly. Ramps for those who may have a problem using stairs, braille buttons, ... Read article

Is There Any Solution to Nairobi's Parking Nightmare?

by Constant Cap

"Drivers in New Delhi, Bangalore, Nairobi and Milan argue most over parking spaces [and] more than half of the drivers get frustrated and end up giving up on looking for parking space," according to IBMs global survey on... Read article

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