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Christine Camilleri

Christine Camilleri: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

by Christine Camilleri

In October 2011, I began my internship writing for The Grid. I had always been interested in the potential that social media can provide as a platform for discussions about urban planning and design. Aside from this... Read article

Stormwater Management in New York City, New York

by Christine Camilleri

During rainfall and snow storms, 27 billion gallons of raw sewage and stormwater are released into New York City’s waterways. These discharges are called Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOS). CSOs occur when treatment plants ... Read article

How Much Should Website Maintenance Cost?

by Christine Camilleri

Creating and maintaining a website is a complex task that involves making decisions regarding design, branding, marketing, and content. How much should website maintenance cost? The answer is that the price is variable... Read article

What is Website Maintenance?

by Christine Camilleri

A website is a critical component of any business, large or small. In fact, websites may play an even more critical role in the growth of a small business that may have less marketing resources than a larger company.... Read article

The Environmental Justice Movement in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York

by Christine Camilleri

"Here in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, we have 200,000 cars a day going through the Gowanus Expressway. Our community complains about asthma, cancer, respiratory disease … but the excuse for neglecting us is that it is too expe... Read article

Universal Design and the User-Designer Gaps in the New York City Subway System

by Christine Camilleri

With 468 stations and 842 miles (1355 km) of track, the New York City subway is one of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world. The layout of many of these stations prevents riders with motor, audit... Read article

Impacts of Public Transportation Access on Real Estate Development in New York City, New York

by Christine Camilleri

According to the 2006-2009 American Community Survey, 43% of New Yorkers commute to work by subway or railroad. New York City’s real estate market will be increasingly shaped by proximity to subway and rail lines, es... Read article

Urban Farming: Eagle Street Rooftop and Added Value Farms in Brooklyn, New York

by Christine Camilleri

A number of non-profit and community-based organizations have been exploring New York City’s potential to be a center for urban agriculture. Added Value and the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, New York have be... Read article

The Relationship Between School Design and Achievement in New York City, New York’s Low-Income Public Schools

by Christine Camilleri

School building design and quality, and its relationship to student achievement is a growing area of interest for architects, urban planners, and designers. However, in New York City, when educational performance is asse... Read article

The Impact of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) on New York City Downtown Revitalization

by Christine Camilleri

Each year, New York City’s network of Business Improvements Districts (BIDs) invests approximately $100 million worth of programs and services across the five boroughs. This network of 64 BIDs constitutes the largest net... Read article

Design with the Other 90%: Cities: An Exhibit Until January 9, 2012

by Christine Camilleri

Design for the Other 90%: Cities, an exhibition originally launched in 2007, focuses on how participatory design solutions are being used to address the needs of 90 percent of the world's population that have historica... Read article

Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) Program in New York City

by Christine Camilleri

Brownfields are underused or vacant plots of land that remain undeveloped because of fears that they may have been contaminated by industrial or commercial use in the past. These sites are not always actually contami... Read article

The Lack of Disaster Planning in New York City

by Christine Camilleri

Post 9/11, most of New York City’s disaster planning has focused on terrorism while failing to develop preventative strategies for combating natural disasters.  As Senator Richard Brodsky pointed out recently, “All they’... Read article

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