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Chase Keenan

Housing Affordability out of Reach in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

I’ve written about gentrification for The Grid before, but the displacement of low income residents in relation to rising rents, while disconcerting, is actually a piece of a much broader paradigm moving into place all o... Read article

Revitalization and the Decline of Public Art in the Nation’s Capital

by Chase Keenan

Washington, D.C. is a dichotomous city. This is reflected everywhere you look, including in the public works of art scattered through neighborhoods both old and new; from formal statues and sculptures, to the murals that... Read article

Preparing for the Worst: Resilience in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

A recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights the fact that the effects of climate change are already transpiring, and that cities will need to adapt to these changes. As a city with ... Read article

BIDs Reshaping D.C.'s Future One Neighborhood at a Time

by Chase Keenan

Since the mid 90’s, Washington, D.C. has been allowing commercially concentrated areas to band together to form Business Improvement Districts (B.I.Ds) throughout the city. These organizations charge a fee to their membe... Read article

Water Continues to Define Washington D.C.

by Chase Keenan

Water is one of the necessary conditions of life on this planet. That simple fact, along with the important trade routes moving water provides, is why the first human settlements were built along rivers and coasts. It ... Read article

Reconnecting with the Capital Waterfront

by Chase Keenan

There is a conspicuous disconnect between Washington, D.C. and its rivers. Apart from the lively strip along the Georgetown Waterfront, an area notoriously difficult for the majority of District residents to access, ther... Read article

Moving the Capital: Public Transit in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

The Washington, D.C. Metro is recognized as the trademark transit system of the capital city, but it is hardly a befitting one. With frequent breakdowns, and delays due to track work, it is a consistent source of frustra... Read article

The Reasoning Behind the Washington, D.C. Height Act

by Chase Keenan

There is a piece of local lore circulating around Washington, D.C., attempting to explain why the city is so short. The myth claims that developers have been prevented from building up because it is inscribed somewhere... Read article

The Economics of Gentrification in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

This past decade has seen Washington, DC host one of the most rapid transformations in the United States. Once a city in decline, known for crime and plagued by disinvestment and poor governance, a quick look at the Dist... Read article

Stuck in Place: The Aging Infrastructure of Washington D.C.

by Chase Keenan

Manholes - like the one shown above - are a gateway into a labyrinth of unseen infrastructure that lies underneath every city. It is the architecture of the city; not in its most recognized form, but in its most essent... Read article

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