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Bora Mici

Project by Lebanese Architect Lina Ghotmeh Preselected for 'Reinventing Paris'

by Bora Mici

In November 2014, Paris City Hall presented its call for urban proposals for “Reinventing Paris.” It was a plan aiming to "give the keys of the fabrication of 23 territories" to "all those who contribute to the fabrica... Read article

Invigorate Montreal, Quebec's Viger Square Rather than Raze It to the Ground

by Bora Mici

An "informational public meeting" on revamping Viger Square of Montreal, Quebec, on June 16 allowed for the re-emergence of a variety of strong oppositional forces to the demolition and redevelopment project for Viger ... Read article

The Suburbs Copy Montreal, Canada In Order to Compete with It

by Bora Mici

Public pianos, self-service bikes, street food trucks ... the suburbs are drawing more and more inspiration from Montreal. This summer, several projects born in the metropolis are being launched in the surrounding subu... Read article

Construction Site in Montreal, Canada Serving as Temporary Vegetable Gardens

by Bora Mici

Vegetable gardens have been established on the future site of the science complex of The University of Montreal, located in the former Outrement Sorting Yard. While awaiting the start of the construction work on the ea... Read article

Farewell to The Grid from French Translator Bora Mici

by Bora Mici

I am pictured above in the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. I am certainly a fan of Neo-Classical urban architecture like the museums that surround me, as well as of urban gardens, pa... Read article

Montreal, Canada's Angus TechnoHub Phase 2 Breaking Ground in 2017

by Bora Mici

Christian Yaccarini, President of the Angus Development Organization, introduces the second phase of the Angus TechnoHub, an eco-neighborhood in Montreal, Canada that promises to use the best new technologies to become... Read article

Help From the Region In Order to Reinvigorate Delle, France's City Center

by Bora Mici

Under the rays of the sun, the Delle, France city center and Raymond Forni Square is a small town center the way we like them. Pretty and classic with its outdoor cafe seating, its little fountain, and the business o... Read article

France's Azay-le-Rideau Chateau Launches Interactive Historic Restoration

by Bora Mici

Why Such a Construction Site? After the 2014 redesign of the romantic and landscaped gardens, in the image of those that existed in 1850, the Azay-le-Rideau Chateau began a wide-spanning construction site at the begin... Read article

Neon Signs Around the World are Facing Extinction - or Preservation?

by Bora Mici

The retro neon signs that adorn old businesses are becoming more and more rare in our cities. Even in New York they are seen as an endangered species.The Guardian recently wrote about how "Subway Inn" on Lexingto... Read article

Building in Montgermont, France Seeks 20th Century Heritage Distinction

by Bora Mici

We should save the West Popular Bank building in Montgermont, France. This is the alarmist cry of the architect Odile Decq in a recent international petition to Francois Hollande and Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin. ... Read article

The Olympics Settle in at Montreal, Canada's City Center

by Bora Mici

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) inaugurated the Canadian Olympic House at 500 West Rene-Levesque Boulevard in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. La Presse had access to a guided visit of the place little before its openi... Read article

Quebec, Canada Increases Funding for "The Unusual Passageways" Art Walk

by Bora Mici

Gigantic pigeons, dripping plastic buildings, different explosions ... The roads and dead ends of the Old Port of Quebec, Canada are once again invaded this summer by the successful event "Les Passages Insolites" (Th... Read article

Urban Camping Could Become A Reality at the Old Port of Montreal, Canada

by Bora Mici

"I like to camp because I don't like sleeping at home. It's boring," says Ilyes, 6. Her family jumped on the occasion to camp for the first time.On the site, there is little space between the tents and the traffi... Read article

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