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Benjamin Ha

Hello, Goodbye to Global Site Plans – The GRID

by Benjamin Ha

Oh, Global Site Plans – where did those 6 months go?After I graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s in English & American Literature, I reached a revelation – I wished I had studied environmental sci... Read article

The Importance of Keyword and Keyphrases in Search Engine Optimization

by Benjamin Ha

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for the success of many websites. No matter how often you may tune your site for a better ranking with major search engines, it may still not be enough if the right keywords or... Read article

Vertical Farming in Los Angeles, California: Future Skyscraping Architecture

by Benjamin Ha

The sky is limitless, they say. So if there’s no space to your left, or to your right, or below, then look up!Land, limited in the City of Los Angeles, is slowly becoming a commodity. And as new land becomes occupied... Read article

How to Use E-mail Marketing for Your Urban Planning Business

by Benjamin Ha

Setting up an e-mail marketing campaign won’t take years or many board meetings. It’s simple to do, especially if you receive direction from a professional web marketing company to provide insight on e-mail campaign desi... Read article

The Importance of Quality and Updated Content for your Urban Planning Website

by Benjamin Ha

A “build it and forget it” method may not be the wisest of decisions for an urban planner when creating a website. It is a myth that a website can sustain itself after it’s developed. In fact, similar to your business, ... Read article

Examples of Website Maintenance Requests

by Benjamin Ha

Blogs are today’s “black.”Nowadays, many companies are incorporating personalized websites as part of the businesses’ Public Relations strategy to reach out to new and potential clientele, or the general public. So i... Read article

Sustainable Graphic Design: What to do with Ink and Other Printer Cartridges

by Benjamin Ha

Being environmentally cognizant has become the new way of thinking in terms of developing a profitable business.In the contemporary eco-conscious world, businesses are working toward incorporating environmentally fri... Read article

Transformers in Disguise: Compact Home Design to Optimize Space Efficiency

by Benjamin Ha

Can you imagine a small apartment, let’s say about 344 square feet, transforming into 24 different rooms? It’s possible.Well, at least when architects and engineers choose to focus on such a concept anyway, but the f... Read article

The Benefits of Website Maintenance for Your Environmental Design Business

by Benjamin Ha

Within the field of architecture, engineering, environmental non-profit, landscape architecture and urban planning, attending to your website’s upkeep will help your business grow and continue to thrive.Clientele wil... Read article

It’s Always Sunny in Southern California: Abengoa Mojave Solar Project

by Benjamin Ha

In 2009, Abengoa Solar Inc. filed an Application for Certification (AFC) for its Abengoa Mojave Solar Project, a proposed project for electrical power production, located near Harper Dry Lake in San Bernardino, Californi... Read article

Interior Design with Recycled and Natural Products: Reducing the Impacts of Outgassing

by Benjamin Ha

For our generation of architecture, urban design and sustainability, environmental design is constantly developing, but before upgrading your home to appear contemporary or mimic a more modern design, first contemplate i... Read article

How Website Maintenance Affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A Guide for Urban Planners and Architects

by Benjamin Ha

Designing a website to use as advertisement to expand an urban planning sole-proprietorship or architecture company is a beneficial investment; however, simply having a customized website design and optimizing it for sea... Read article

Household Water Control: If It’s Yellow Let It Mellow, If It’s Brown Flush It Down

by Benjamin Ha

According to Worldchanging, a nonprofit media organization dedicated to solutions-based journalism about the planetary future, the Department of Water Services is the largest consumer of electricity in California. This d... Read article

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