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Becky Loi

Becky Loi is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, with a Bachelors of Environmental Studies, Honours Planning. An extension of her childhood obsession for houses, her current passion lies in real-estate development, sustainable building construction, and public policies for affordable housing. Her interest in writing about local issues was ignited during her experience as staff reporter, as well as News Editor and Features Editor, for the university’s newspaper, Imprint. An avid explorer, Becky has travelled to many different places in Asia, Western Europe and the United States to satiate her love for cities and how they function.

Waterloo, Canada as an Age-Friendly City

by Becky Loi

The popular portrayal of urban centres in movies, television shows, or in marketing campaigns typically show young professionals romping around the city. However, in reality, the population of cities is marked by demog... Read article

A Century-Old Waterloo, Canada Home Becomes A Model of Energy Efficiency

by Becky Loi

High levels of energy consumption is one of the most pressing issues of today’s world. Almost every function of our modern lifestyle is powered by electricity. North Americans are some of the highest consumers of elect... Read article

Waterloo's Northdale Neighborhood Declared a "Student Ghetto"

by Becky Loi

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, home to three institutions of higher learning, has a large student population. As the universities grow and expand, the student population in the city increases in tandem. Many students choos... Read article

Fighting Over Jet Planes: Toronto’s Downtown Airport Expansion

by Becky Loi

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) is a small airport located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario. Canada’s ninth busiest airport, the BBTCA currently accommodates more than two million business and leisu... Read article

Can Waterloo's LRT System's $818 Million Price Tag be Justified in the Long Run?

by Becky Loi

Recently, Region of Waterloo councilors awarded a multi-million contract to construction consortium Grandlinq to build the region’s light rail transit (LRT) system, the Ion. And it was a tightly contested decision, with ... Read article

Former Factories Receive a Second Life in Waterloo, Ontario

by Becky Loi

When we think of old buildings, images of dilapidated, abandoned structures come to mind. Often, for the sake of progress, old buildings are demolished, and a part of the city’s history turns to dust. However, in the cit... Read article

Consortium of Developers Wins Urban Boundary Dispute in Waterloo, Ontario

by Becky Loi

The Region of Waterloo, a regional municipality located in Southern Ontario, created an Official Plan that sets growth and density targets over the next twenty years. With the goal of intensification, the region limited ... Read article