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Taking on a New Role with The Grid: Twitter Community Manager

by Barrett Lane

When I was first asked one year ago to write for The Grid, I was nervous, yet excited to be part of a new voice for design on the web.  As I became more comfortable with the position and began to write more regularly, I ... Read article

Madrid Rio: An Exemplar in Great Urban Public Space

by Barrett Lane

Imagine taking one of the busiest highways in your city, sinking it underground, and replacing it with a dynamic urban park that caters to residents of all ages and backgrounds. Now imagine designing and building this... Read article

Despite Setbacks, Philadelphia Makes Big Strides in Responsible Urban Planning

by Barrett Lane

Normally, I use this column to write about social media trends in planning, and highlights of local planning efforts close to home, but last week, a headline in the local campus paper alarmed me. According to the... Read article

Planning and Architecture Blogs You Should be Reading, Part 2

by Barrett Lane

In my last post, I suggested a few of my favorite general planning and architecture blogs.  However, this only skims of the surface of the general design community.  Now that you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with the ba... Read article

Planning and Architecture Blogs You Should be Reading, Part 1

by Barrett Lane

As the semester winds down for design schools and budding planners and architects work their way through final reviews and exams, winter break arrives with nothing do to but eat, sleep, and read for pleasure.  One thing ... Read article

Connect with The Grid on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

by Barrett Lane

We know that you love reading new articles on The Grid right here on our site, but did you know that you can also keep up with your favorite stories and writers "off the grid" on your favorite social networks?  The Grid ... Read article

Philadelphia Set for Transit Payment Upgrade

by Barrett Lane

Two weeks ago, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Board voted to award a nearly $130 million dollar contract to ACS Transport Solutions Group to install a modernized fare system for Philadel... Read article

What the High Line Means for America’s Urban Parks

by Barrett Lane

As mentioned earlier on this blog, the success of New York’s High Line and recent extension has brought in more attention, investment, and tourists to Manhattan’s Chelsea and Meatpacking neighborhoods. And while New York... Read article

How Urban Planners Use Social Media to Engage Stakeholders

by Barrett Lane

Two weeks ago, I discussed the various ways that urban planners and firms use social media to reach out and interact with public audiences (i.e. Facebook and Twitter).  While using these platforms is a good way of creati... Read article

Best Uses of Social Media for Urban Planning

by Barrett Lane

From the beginning of its practice, planning has always been a discipline of engagement.  Without engaging and interacting with city residents and constituents, planners would be lost with regards to making effective dec... Read article

“Future Cities: Creating Tomorrow’s Urban World” to Showcase, Inspire Sustainable Urban Development

by Barrett Lane

This month, hundreds of enlightened planners, urbanists, and economists will be flocking to Stockholm to partake in Future Cities, a two-day conference that hopes to answer the questions and problems that have arisen as ... Read article

High Line Continues to Dazzle New Yorkers

by Barrett Lane

Earlier this summer, New York City saw the opening of the second part of the High Line, an elevated park on Manhattan’s West Side that, since 2009, has been dazzling New Yorkers and visitors alike.  With the new section ... Read article

“Summer Streets” Take New York City: A Model for Walkability and Connectivity

by Barrett Lane

For the fourth year in a row, the City of New York transformed some of its most heavily trafficked streets into a network of pleasant pedestrian plazas and recreational byways.  Inspired by modern public space and urban ... Read article

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