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Anna Petrone

Numerous Pedestrian Deaths on São Paulo, Brazil's Treacherous New Bike Lane

by Anna Petrone

A 78-year-old man was killed after being struck by a cyclist on the ciclovia (cycling path) underneath the Minhocão expressway in the center of São Paulo, Brazil. The incident occurred in the central median of Rua Am... Read article

São Paulo's Celso Garcia Ave. Mansion Undergoing Redevelopment into Cultural Center

by Anna Petrone

After passing inspections for health hazards, stability, and security, the abandoned mansion on Celso Garcia Ave., located in the Brás neighborhood in the center-east area of São Paulo, Brazil, will be restored and u... Read article

Recyclables Traded for Bus Fare at Bus Stations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

From October 19 to November 19, 2015, the city of Rio de Janeiro tested a machine that accepted recyclable materials in exchange for a bus pass. The machine was located in the Alvorada bus terminal of the Barra da Ti... Read article

Rio de Janeiro's Vidigal Favela Celebrates Ten Years Since Garbage Dump Transformation

by Anna Petrone

Not only does Vidigal, a favela (shanty town) in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have breathtaking views, it is also home to a hidden oasis. Ten years ago, Mauro Quintanilha began to transform a garbage dump... Read article

Two Historic Squares to Transform the Guanabara Waterfront in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

Two key areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's downtown, 15 Square, one of the oldest sites of the city, dating back to the 16th century, and Mauá Square, built in 1910, will welcome travelers arriving by sea. The two squ... Read article

Rio de Janeiro Tests Alert System to Increase Transit Access for Blind Passengers

by Anna Petrone

For a final project in his electrical engineering class, Douglas Toledo a student from Campinas, designed a bus stop that provides accessibility to people who are blind. It allows them to use public transportation wi... Read article

Project Aims to Uncover Hundreds of Buried Rivers in São Paulo, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

Cidade Azul (Blue City) is an idea that was implemented in a single week to bring attention to a part of São Paulo, Brazil that has been buried for a long time. In order to bring the smells, sounds, and freshness of ... Read article

Startup from Pernambuco, Brazil Creates Recicletool: Machine that Pays People to Recycle

by Anna Petrone

Would you like to contribute to the environment and also be compensated for it? This is precisely the proposal of Recicletool, the machine that directly sends money to your bank account in return for the disposal of ... Read article

In São Paulo, School Children Work to Build a Neighborhood of Mobility for All

by Anna Petrone

Integrating school children in the surrounding community. This was the idea of Caio Dib in 2014. The educator had just traveled around Brazil looking at innovative education initiatives and their effects. He then beg... Read article

Favela Youths Organize Skateboarding School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

What’s this?! True tram children and teenagers go flying by Teixeira Ribeiro Street, one of the most well-known streets in Maré. Anyone passing through the collection of favelas will notice that skateboarding has bec... Read article

Curitiba, Brazil Installs Facial Detection Software on Bus Card Readers

by Anna Petrone

Curitiba Transit Authority Urbs has begun to install transit card readers with facial recognition software. The equipment uses data of riders who use the "isento" pass (for elderly and people with disabilities), to hel... Read article

Hybrid Buses Threatened to Go Out of Circulation in Curitiba, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

The criteria for sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reduction will stay within the urban mobility policies in Curitiba, Brazil, even after the State Court of Auditors (TCE) defended a recall of thirty hybrid bu... Read article

Absense of Iconic Yellow Tram in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Cripples Local Economy

by Anna Petrone

Sitting on a stool on the sidewalk near the Largo dos Guimarães plaza in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Arnaudo Comes de Souza observed a road taken by construction. It was around lunchtime on a Wedne... Read article

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