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Andrew Kinaci

Farewell From Chicago: Andrew Kinaci Signing Off

by Andrew Kinaci

It’s incredible to be writing my last post for The Grid, as it seems like my internship has just begun.The author from the Willis Tower Skydeck In my day job, I work for an energy affiliate of the Center for Neighbo... Read article

Exclusivity at Any Expense: The Lack of Affordable Housing on Chicago’s North Shore

by Andrew Kinaci

The Village of Winnetka has taken a hostile stance towards the affordable housing expansion In March of 2012, the affluent Chicago suburb of Winnetka, IL soundly defeated a referendum expanding affordable housing opt... Read article

Infrastructure Innovation: The Chicago Infrastructure Trust

by Andrew Kinaci

In an era of declining tax receipts, urban planners the world over are grappling with the challenge of securing financing for needed infrastructure improvements. As early as 2007, Senators Chris Dodd and Chuck Hagel floa... Read article

From Curitiba to Chicago: The New Rapid Transit Bus Corridor

by Andrew Kinaci

After a year-long planning study, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), in partnership with the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Economic Development, and the Federal Transit Administrat... Read article

Chicago's Crosswalks: Planning for Pedestrians in the Windy City

by Andrew Kinaci

While crosswalk paint may not be the most glamorous part of an urban planner’s job, it represents an integral part of their vision. The City of Chicago released its first-ever Pedestrian Plan last fall as part of a long-... Read article

The Peculiarity of Aldermanic Privilege

by Andrew Kinaci

Urban planners and developers everywhere often need to contend with onerous local zoning codes and wind their way through arduous public approval processes. It’s simply part of the art of placemaking. Yet nowhere is th... Read article

Chicago’s Polluted and Under-used Waterways

by Andrew Kinaci

The South Branch of the Chicago River Chicago’s relationship with its river is a conflicted one. Chicago was only chosen as a settlement site due to the possibility of joining two major watersheds, that of the Great L... Read article

Chicago's South Works Redevelopment Project

by Andrew Kinaci

Renowned Chicago urban planner Daniel Burnham once famously said, “Make no small plans.” The ambitious redevelopment of a former U.S. Steel Mill on Chicago’s South Side is no exception. In what has become a familiar narr... Read article

The On-Going Redevelopment Controversy at Cabrini-Green: Chicago, Illinois

by Andrew Kinaci

Cabrini-Green Housing Project at its dedication in 1942 The failures of idealistic public housing projects have been studied and debated by many, and tarnished the credibility of American urban planners for a generati... Read article

The Influence of the 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan on Physical Land Use

by Andrew Kinaci

In 2012, Chicago residents were asked to participate in the process of planning the city’s cultural future. The city has long been home to world-class cultural venues, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as loc... Read article

Chief Keef and Chicago, Illinois’ Murder Rate: The Glorification of Youth Violence

by Andrew Kinaci

The summer of 2012 saw a drastic uptick in the number of shootings and murders across the city of Chicago, Illinois. While many metropolitan areas, including New York City, have been experiencing historic lows in their h... Read article

Close But No Cigar: A Review of James S. Russell’s The Agile City

by Andrew Kinaci

In recent years we have begun to feel the effects of climate change the world over. In America, hurricanes like Superstorm Sandy and Katrina brought urban areas to their knees, killing people, destroying communities... Read article

Hyde Park and Bronzeville: Gentrification on Chicago's South Side

by Andrew Kinaci

With last fall’s announcement that the low-cost supermarket Village Foods would be closing in favor of a new upscale Whole Foods location, a long-running debate about gentrification on Chicago’s South Side was re-igni... Read article

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