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Alex Riemondy

Alex Riemondy's Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

by Alex Riemondy

I couldn't have thought of a better way to kick off my journey to becoming an urban planner than writing for The Grid. Over the past year I have explored an array of planning and environmental design topics through blo... Read article

Lake Tahoe: A Product of the 1960’s Winter Olympics

by Alex Riemondy

Although discovered by John C. Fremont in 1844, the area of Lake Tahoe was slow to develop mainly due to its harsh winters and alpine location. However, as more people came west due to the Gold Rush, Lake Tahoe slowly be... Read article

Lakeview Commons Triumphs with Summer Placemaking in South Lake Tahoe

by Alex Riemondy

One of the greatest ways a city can bring a community together is through a public park. Public parks benefit our cities in many ways, from public health and recreational opportunities, to strengthening the bonds between... Read article

Lake Tahoe Golf Course to Expand and Diminish Keeping Tahoe Blue

by Alex Riemondy

If you have ever visited Lake Tahoe, you have probably seen the bumper stickers "Keep Tahoe Blue." Community members feel very strongly about preserving this national treasure. But over the years, the area has faced incr... Read article

Integrated Regional Water Management in the Sierra: Why it Matters

by Alex Riemondy

Planning for the future of our water supply has never been more critical. As we continue to face the challenges that lie ahead that contribute to water scarcity, such as climate change and over population, it becomes mor... Read article

Safe Cycling in South Lake Tahoe: Making Bicycle Education a Part of the Solution

by Alex Riemondy

Hands down, I live in biking Mecca. From taking in the scenic overlooks from the view of my road bike, to getting lost in nature on all the different mountain bike trails that the area has to offer, Tahoe is truly a drea... Read article

Moving into the Future: Planning for Wildfires in the Sierra Nevada Region

by Alex Riemondy

Following another dry winter in the Sierra Nevada Region, wildfire risks are on the rise in Northern California and the season has just begun. A study released by UC Merced found that fire risk in California will double ... Read article

Communities Working Together: The Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative

by Alex Riemondy

“There is growing concern for the issue of sustainability — whether the Earth's resources will be able to meet the demands of a growing human population that has rising aspirations for consumption and quality of life, wh... Read article

Writing on Buildings and Cities: A Review of Michael Sorkin's "All Over the Map"

by Alex Riemondy

  Michael Sorkin is opinionated to the point, and passionate about protecting architecture from the politics that too often smother innovation. A well-known architectural critic, author of several hundred articles,... Read article

How Water Trails Benefit Communities Across the United States

by Alex Riemondy

Water trails are defined by the North American Water Trails, as “a stretch of river, a shoreline, or an ocean that has been mapped out with the intent to create an educational, scenic, and challenging experience for r... Read article

Four-Season Growing in an Alpine Climate: The Growing Dome at Truckee Community Farm

by Alex Riemondy

“No matter where you are, what your constraints are, you can make it happen.” - Susie Sutphin, Farm Manager at the Truckee Community FarmThe Tahoe Food Hub has a vision: to create a “hub for all sustainable food ... Read article

How Corporate America Can Save The Planet: One Building at a Time

by Alex Riemondy

How can we encourage businesses to make the commitment towards sustainable building practices? Well, to start, at the very least, by showing them the savings that they could make if they invested in green design and tech... Read article

The Politics of Land Use: South Lake Tahoe, CA

by Alex Riemondy

Since 2005, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) has been actively working to develop a Regional Plan Update that supports the continued restoration of Lake Tahoe’s clarity and fosters land-use policies that promo... Read article

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