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Alexandra Serbana

A Second Farewell to The Grid from Alexandra Serbana in Milan, Italy

by Alexandra Serbana

The Grid was a large part of my personal transformation that came from living in Milan, first as an international student, then as a young professional. Writing for The Grid offered me a chance to work with great peopl... Read article

World Access to Modern Energy Shines the Light on the Energy Gap at Expo 2015

by Alexandra Serbana

WAME & Expo 2015 is an association founded by eight leading European energy companies (A2A, Enel,eni, Edison,Eon, Gas Natural Italia, Engie, and Tenaris) and the organizers of Expo 2015. With the help of the foundi... Read article

Welcome to Milan's World Fair 2015: Big Expectations and First Impressions

by Alexandra Serbana

Milan's Expo 2015 has been put under a lot of pressure over the course of the past few months. From the big question of whether or not it would be completed on time, to the protest that devastated the city of Milan, ... Read article

Milan Devastated: “No Expo” Protests Terrorize the Opening of 2015 World's Fair

by Alexandra Serbana

After months of preparation and advertising, the big day finally arrived: May 1st marked the grand opening of Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. Unfortunately, the event became an unexpected horror movie scene.Over the l... Read article

Pick your Milan Design Week 2015: Which Exhibition Area Best Expresses You?

by Alexandra Serbana

2015 is an important year for Milan, Italy. Expo 2015 is attracting a lot of international attention, as time is ticking down to the great event. But even without Expo taking place, Milan is still a focal point durin... Read article

Expo's Gate is Full of Programs But Architecture Fails to Impress Milan

by Alexandra Serbana

“Expo Gate: Milan's Gateway to the Expo” is the slogan you can find on the Expo 2015 webpage describing the exhibition's entryway.The structure is located in Via Beltrami, in the city center of Milan, in front of... Read article

Work in Progress: Presenting Milan, Italy's Expo 2015 Master Plan

by Alexandra Serbana

The Expo 2015 building site is approximately an area of 1 million square meters. The project was entrusted to a group of designers supported by internationally renowned architects, including Stefano Boeri, Ricky Burd... Read article

Short-term Apartment Rentals Soar in Preparation of Milan, Italy's Expo 2015

by Alexandra Serbana

The countdown to Expo 2015 has started, and the international community has its eyes on Milan. It seems like the entire city is preparing to take advantage of this great economic opportunity and keep up with the unfo... Read article

The Year of Milan, Italy? Starting the Countdown to Expo 2015

by Alexandra Serbana

According to internet buzz, Milan is the city of the moment and the place to visit in 2015. In addition to this year's Fashion Week and Design Week, Milan will also be the host of one of the largest world fairs held ... Read article

Milan, Italy Ranks 41 in the World According to Mercer's Quality of Life Index

by Alexandra Serbana

Leadership, as we speak about it, comes in many different forms. Often, leadership involves mapping out the future of an organization. An effective leader creates an inspiring vision of the future, motivating and ins... Read article

Numerous Car-Sharing - Even Electric! - Programs Now Available in Milan, Italy

by Alexandra Serbana

One of the most consistent struggles of modern cities is providing sustainable and efficient urban mobility. To do so, a city must have an integrated approach to planning that considers all forms of transportation, b... Read article

Milan's Vimercate Energy Park Serves as an Example for Renewable Energy

by Alexandra Serbana

Alternative energy seeks to provide an answer to the world's energy problem, particularly as it relates to global warming. Due to climate change, population growth, and fossil fuel depletion, alternative energies ha... Read article

A Tale of Two Cities: Turin and Milan, Italy's Agenda for Urban Innovation

by Alexandra Serbana

Urban innovation is a term that has swept several major Italian cities, among others around the world. The term refers to a city's ability to reinvent itself by proposing a framework of new projects. The concept has come... Read article

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