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Ajit Niranjan

Ajit is a freelance journalist and civil engineering student from Bristol, UK, who's currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. He's exploring the history and development of European cities.

One Citizen’s Attempt to Curb Illegal Advertising in Bratislava, Slovakia

by Ajit Niranjan

The old town of Bratislava, the quaint Slovakian capital of half a million inhabitants that straddles the banks of the Danube River, bears all the hallmarks of a central European city. With its striking castle, crumbli... Read article

The British Devolution Debate Has Focused On “The North,” but Many Feel Bristol Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

by Ajit Niranjan

Unlike most countries in Europe, the United Kingdom has no clearly defined “second city.” Its capital, London, is a political, economic and cultural heavyweight, whose contributions greatly outstrip the rest of the c... Read article

Alpine Village of Hallstatt, Austria has been Copied Brick-for-Brick in China

by Ajit Niranjan

The picturesque lakeside village of Hallstatt, nestled between the towering peaks and narrow valleys of Upper Austria, is a small piece of paradise. Idyllic Alpine beauty almost overwhelms the centuries-old market to... Read article

Vienna, Austria Hosts The World’s First Interdisciplinary Biennale

by Ajit Niranjan

With its enormous budget, ambitious designs, and dogged controversy, Milan’s Expo has captured the architectural community’s attention. But urbanists are increasingly looking towards the Austrian capital of Vienna fo... Read article

Metelkova Mesto, the Autonomous Squat at the Heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia

by Ajit Niranjan

“Metelkova is different,” says Ilina, a dreadlocked Macedonian art student living in Slovenia. “It’s not just an alternative cultural district in the capital – it’s the capital of alternative culture. Outside of Rome... Read article

Giant Rubbish Incinerator Turned into an Emblem of Vienna, Austria’s Skyline

by Ajit Niranjan

The Fernwӓrmewerk – or district heating plant – stands at the junction of Dӧbling, the leafy-green nineteenth district, and Alsergrund, the austere and classical ninth district. Throughout its illustrious history, th... Read article

The Most Beautiful Boulevard: Austria, Vienna Celebrates Ringstrasse's 150th Birthday

by Ajit Niranjan

With its resplendent marble museums, austere Habsburg palaces, and the soaring spires of government offices more beautiful than most cathedrals, Austria’s capital city is breathtaking. Visitors to central Vienna are ... Read article

Britain's First 'Poo Bus' Hits The Streets of Bristol

by Ajit Niranjan

The first ‘Bio-Bus’ has just been introduced onto the streets of Bristol, a British city of less than half a million people. Powered by biomethane gas, the eco-friendly public bus uses waste from more than thirty tho... Read article