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Abbey Seitz

Farewell to The Grid, from Minneapolis' Abbey Seitz

by Abbey Seitz

Having lived in Minnesota for the entirety of my life, I did not think there was much more I could learn about this state. I associated the suburbs with my past, and I sought to find new adventures in far-off cities. How... Read article

Minneapolis Sees a Rise in Crime and Responds with Trees

by Abbey Seitz

While forestry is often perceived as an activity that is based solely in rural areas, it has recently been recognized in urban areas. Many know the importance of green space in the city for purposes such as creating recr... Read article

What’s Happening to the Land of Lakes? A Case Study of White Bear Lake

by Abbey Seitz

Growing up in Mahtomedi, MN, White Bear Lake had a stronghold in my life. As a child, my nanny would take me there to learn to swim. Growing older, it became the location of my friend’s biking and summer adventures. Alth... Read article

Is the Era of Limited Energy Options in Minneapolis Over?

by Abbey Seitz

Until recently, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy have been the only options for Minneapolis residents to receive electricity and gas. Coal is currently the largest portion of Xcel Energy’s sources, while natural gas is... Read article

The Minnesota-Canada Oil Bond and the Enbridge Pipeline Expansion Proposal

by Abbey Seitz

When one thinks of states hit hard by oil prices, California and Hawaii usually come to mind. However, in May 2013 the trend was reversed, with the Midwest (particularly Minnesota) leading the pack in the highest oil pri... Read article

Minneapolis' Auto-Oriented Infrastructure Comes at A High Cost

by Abbey Seitz

Minneapolis traditionally has followed urban growth patterns similar to Manhattan’s strict grid system. However, in an urban planning effort to utilize the automobile, a system of freeways has been created over the past ... Read article

Minneapolis’ Secret to Enticing its Residents to Bike in the Tundra

by Abbey Seitz

For a state that built a city with both skyway systems and universities with mass underground tunnels for shelter in its Arctic-like temperatures, we see an opposite trend in terms of bicycling planning . While Minneapol... Read article

Sustainable Luxury: The New Face of Urban Living in Minneapolis

by Abbey Seitz

When one thinks of sweeping high rises, one often envisions the streets of New York, Chicago or Miami. However, this recent trend of providing luxury living space for young professionals and urbanites is sweeping the nat... Read article

The Forgotten 25%: Composting to Implement Zero-Waste in the Twin Cities

by Abbey Seitz

About five months ago, when I decided to start a composting bin in my apartment, a skeptical friend asked what the difference was between the material going to a landfill and it simply decomposing. At the time, I had no ... Read article

Minneapolis' Collision of Monumental Architecture and Environmental Concerns

by Abbey Seitz

Although for the past decade Minnesotans have debated building a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, it was not until footage went viral of the Metrodome Stadium roof collapse during a 2010 winter storm that national ... Read article

What About the Businesses? Impacts of the Twin Cities Light Rail

by Abbey Seitz

Even as a child, I loved the idea of rail being used as a source of public transportation. I was mesmerized by the images I saw of the design of what would eventually become the Twin Cities Light Rail. It was not until I... Read article

Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway Streetcar to Push Out Pedestrians

by Abbey Seitz

In terms of multi-level cities, Minneapolis has always been known as the city with miles of skyways. However, over the past decade Minneapolis has gained recognition for another level being conquered: the level below the... Read article

Discovering Successful Neighborhood Elements in South Minneapolis

by Abbey Seitz

We all know when a neighborhood is livable. When a street works, it feels charming by instinct. But why? What specific urban planning techniques make a street successful? To discover these answers, I took a look at commu... Read article

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